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Welcome to our sports section!


Our vision is to put healthy eating and sports at the heart of our efforts.  We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to improve their physical development and strongly believe in our sports motto:

T  eamwork

E  ndurance

A  ttitude

M ore

S  uccess




We aim to keep you up to date with all sports clubs, competitions and any future events.


Sports Council


Our sports council's aim is to promote a whole school approach to healthy eating and daily exercise.  Our objective is to deliver more sports clubs which will provide a platform from which they can continue their physical development.  We endeavour to encourage all pupils to become healthier individuals.  This will help develop life skills and character, as well as a more active lifestyle; which will improve their mental well being.

Our  2018/2019 sports council had their first meeting on Thursday 27th September and agreed the motto and sports council policy were still apt.


T eamwork,

E ndurance

A ttitude,

M ore

S uccess 




Click on the documents below to see our sports council policy and any minutes of the meetings the Sport's council have attended.


Sports Council Policy