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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

3A and 3G

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3G visit to Coal Clough Library on Thursday 18th October 2018 

On Monday, Year 3 visited Coal Clough library and took part in a storytelling workshop. We enjoyed listening to a chapter from George's Marvellous Medicine and predicting what happens in Winnie's New Computer. We had a great time browsing through the children's books and found examples of folktales that linked to our English topic. 

Light and Shadows

In Science we are learning about light. Fortunately, the sun was out so we took our learning outdoors and had a great time observing and tracing our shadows. We learnt that our shadows formed on the ground because the light from the sun was blocked by our bodies which are solid. 

On Monday, Year 3 visited The Weavers’ Triangle where we learnt about the cotton industry in Burnley during the 19th Century. In 1886, Burnley was producing more cotton than any other town in the world. During our visit to The Weaver’s Triangle, we discovered how cotton is made from a plant and turned into a cloth. We saw fascinating objects from the mills in Burnley including a kissing shuttle and a cotton loom.


We experienced what life was like for Victorian children at school and explored what life was like inside a Victorian home. In the evenings, girls would learn to sew whilst boys often went to night school to learn the mechanics of the cotton looms. Unfortunately, they didn't have televisions or an Xbox.

Field Trip to Scott Park

We went on a field trip to Scott Park to observe and record human and physical features in the local area. During our walk, we noticed Pendle Hill, monuments and a small stream. Before returning to school, we collected different coloured leaves and conkers.

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