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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


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The perfect excuse.

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We have been reading Spiderwick in our English lessons. This is just some of the fantastic writing we have produced. A huge well done Oliver on an excellent piece of writing.

Our work on Roman bath houses.

Our work on Roman bath houses. 1
Our work on Roman bath houses. 2
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Lewis for receiving his pen license.

Ella and George for achieving their bronze award for times tables.


A huge well done!

Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight 1

I sat on a scaly back holding onto thick bone horns. Then the dragon shot into the bright blue sky until we were higher than the soft and fluffy clouds. Until all we cloud see was huge snowy mountains towering over the clouds. We flew on and on over small villages and huge cities. Eventually, we reached the arctic where mountains covered in snow stood high up into the sky.


I hopped on the dragon’s slimy back and held on to his pointed ears. Suddenly, he shot up passed the clouds. Scared but excited we zoomed round the glimmering moon and through the bright stars. I leant over and dragged my hand across the clouds, they felt like cotton wool. Eventually, we found the Great Wall of China. Then we swerved round it like a snake slithering. We saw a building shaped like a castle. I saw people the size of ants. They were pushing carts over the cobble path .Before long it was time to go.


I sat on the dragon’s scaly back and gripped on to the dragons red sharp, and sped across the blue shimmering sky. I felt a bit nauseous and it was very nerve racking on a dragon. I nearly fell off so I gripped on to the sharp spikes even more. We went past a tall broken like tree. Ant-like people were scurrying on the streets below. Me and my dragon flew in the air then did a loop the loop.


I sat on the dragon’s scaly back and held on tightly. He shot up, up and away speeding towards the candyfloss clouds. I looked beneath the clouds and saw the glimmering castle. In the distends I saw some fireworks at sunset.


I sat on the scaly dragons back and we shot up to the candyfloss clouds like a rocket. Nervous and excited we set off over lush green fields, towering mountains and winding rivers. Eventually, we got the dark sky with only stars to guide us as the sun had set hours ago. I stuck my hand out to the candyfloss clouds it felt like a soft blanket. When we got further away from home there was a volcano piercing through the clouds, it started to erupt shooting boiling hot lava into the air. The dragon dodged and swerved through the deadly lava so we could get home.


I sat on the dragon’s rough and scaly back. I held on tightly and then he shot up really fast it made my tummy tickle, my ears popped. I looked downwards and I saw massive blue and white mountains as we flew through fireworks.


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