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Nursery, EYFS and KS1



We would love to see photographs of you making, creating and having fun over the Easter holidays. 


Email your photographs and videos to your class teachers.

Mrs Farrar's Keepy Uppy Challenge

Film yourself taking part in the keepy uppy challenge. Send you videos to your class teachers.


Can you beat Mrs Farrar?

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Mrs Whitwell loves listening to stories whilst she works and thinks you would enjoy this too.

Audible are offering free audio books to listen to whilst we are off school.

I wonder if you’ll pick Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, a nursery rhyme book or something else.  Why not email you class teacher and let them know what you’ve been listening to.

Click here to browse through the library.

Or why not have a go at her tea pot challenge and send you videos to your class teachers yes

Teapot Challenge

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Wishing you all an 'Eggcellent' Easter


An Easter challenge for you from Mrs Juriansz....

How many 'egg' words can you think of?

Make a list, then illustrate one or make a model using a boiled egg.

Can your friends or teachers guess your word?


Email your entries to your class teachers, I look forward to seeing them. 

Magical ideas from Mrs Jefcoate:

Check out the Harry Potter At Home hub where you’ll find all the latest magical treats to keep you occupied: nifty magical craft videos (teach your friends how to draw a Niffler!), fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and plenty more for first-time readers, as well as those already familiar with the wizarding world.


It might cast a Banishing Charm on boredom!


It is free to register, just head over to:


Try some Art and Drawing - you’ll need an adult to help you with these:
  • Daily at 10am: Claire Powell has been doing a children's art activity under the hashtag #letsmakartforfun on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Daily at 11am: Ask an adult to head over to Instagram or Twitter, where you'll be able to join Steve Antony for lots of fun! On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays he'll be hosting a Draw a Story masterclass for children aged 6+, while Thursdays will feature tips for aspiring picture book makers and Fridays will be for the youngest readers, with Mr Panda Friday.


The brilliant illustrator Sarah McIntyre is posting lots of fun activities on her Twitter page. She's also launching a #DrawingWithSarah series on her YouTube channel, and you can find loads of other fun activities on her website.

Oi Cat! author Jim Field is posting drawing lessons over on his website:


Have fun and stay safe  - love Mrs Jefcoate. 



EYFS and Nursery

Miss Worsley from Nursery has been keeping busy outside with her family while school has been closed.

Have an egg and spoon race with your family, who will win?


You do not have to use a egg, you can use lots of  different objects that can be used inside and you do not have to clean up the mess if they fall to the floor!


Why not try, oranges, a pair of socks rolled in a ball, small Easter egg or teddy. 


For an extra challenge, Let's see if you can balance something on your spoon that is not a sphere/ round


 As Easter happens during the spring time, why not have a walk with an adult  to look at all the different things that happen in spring. You might notice something about the weather, the flowers, trees or you might even notice some baby animals.


You could try and draw a picture of what you have seen or even try and write a sentence 

Mrs Barker from Nursery loves to keep fit. Why not fill plastic egg shells with different eggs-ercises and hide them in the garden.


If you find an egg you must do the eggs-ercises inside. 


Don't worry if you don't have the plastic egg shells, you can always make your own egg shapes using coloured paper and write the eggs-ercises on the back. 

Miss Insley has been busy making these Easter Eggs at home. She painted her potato masher with colourful paint and printed onto paper.


She also made these cute chicks using cardboard, from a cereal box, and scraps of craft material.

Miss Hensby has made these Easter cards at home. A simple but very effective idea for a card to send to a special someone this Easter. Use your thumbs and a little paint to create these chicks - then add detail with a black pen. 


Or why not make a Chocolate Rice Krispie Cake? Simply melt chocolate and add rice crispies - finish off with a mini egg. Yummy!

Miss Conway loves this messy Easter activity. To make these coloured eggs you will need: 

Shaving foam

Food colouring

Hard - boiled eggs

Kitchen roll


To make the dyed eggs like Miss Conway, first fill bowls with shaving cream and add food colouring. Give it a stir and add a second colour to each pot. 


Then, submerge your hard-boiled eggs in the coloured shaving cream and leave for 15 minutes. 


Remove eggs from the shaving cream and gently wipe clean with a paper towel or kitchen roll. 

Miss Dodd has made these cute Easter Egg decorations using: 

4 cups of flour 

1 cup of salt

1.5 cups of warm water

String to hang your finished decoration


Mix all of your ingredients together in a bowl;

Make the shape of an Easter egg out of your dough (Don’t forget to make the small hole at the top to put the string through);

Bake it for 1 to 2 hours;

When it’s no longer soft, leave it to cool down and decorate.



Key Stage One

Miss Dobson from Year 1, has been keeping her boys entertained with an alphabet object hunt. She challenged her two boys to find objects in the home beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I wonder what you can find?

Look at this for another great activity - make a picture frame and stick it to your window then draw what you see. 



Mrs Blackburn loves to paint! You too can create this beautiful tulip picture by firstly drawing the top part of a vase on in the middle of your page. Next take an old fork, dip it in some paint and print them at the top of the paper and a line underneath the vase (look at the picture below). When the fork prints have dried, use a paint brush to paint some leaves. Now you have a spring time tulip picture!



These rice pop ring doughnuts are a fun activity for you to get stuck into over the holidays. Just a few ingredients needed, no baking and plenty of sprinkles.


Watch the video below to see how Mrs Blackburn made hers. 

Rice Pop Doughnuts



Mrs Whitwell, in year 1, has been having lots of fun making Easter crafts with her children. We have made a sheep, rabbit and a chick using paper plates. Here is a step by step guide of how to make one:


For the chick, paint the whole paper plate yellow. Cut two pieces of orange paper about an inch wide and fold it back and forth, stick this to the bottom of your plate. These are the legs. Next cut a diamond shape and fold from corner to corner, this will make the beak. Add googly eyes and yellow feathers for the chick's wings.


Which animals can you make? Email your creations to your class teacher

Mrs Whitwell and Miss Faulkner also love to read, so they have made a bookmark using origami.


Take a look at the video - Miss Faulkner demonstrates how to make your very own Easter theme bookmark.

Miss Faulkner demonstrates how to make a bookmark



Look what Mrs Clegg has made using a toilet roll tube!


Use scrap pieces of paper to create bunny ears and whiskers, add googly eyes (if you have them), a nose and draw on a mouth.


I wonder if you could make other animals?

Mrs Clegg has also painted rocks with her children. She hides them in the garden and her children go outside to look for them - a different kind of Easter hunt! 



Miss Clough made these fluffy little chicks using an old fork, yellow paint, scrap paper and googly eyes. She made them with her little boy - Zack. 

Watch the video for Miss Clough and Zack's demonstration

Still image for this video
Miss Clough also loves this idea of using toilet rolls tubes to print Easter bunnies. One tube needs to be kept in a circular shape and the other two tubes need to be squashed in half to make the ears, then stick them together in the shape of a bunny rabbit. Use white paint to print your rabbits and decorate with google eyes or felt tips. 

Miss Ellis has made this Easter sock bunny. 


You will need rice ( I know rice might not be available so you can use sand ), sock, elastic band, felt tip for decoration , ribbon and a pipe cleaner. 


  • First pour the rice into the sock, then tie it with an elastic band at the top. See pic 1.
  • Next I used the pipe cleaner to separate the head from the body , you can use another elastic band for that.
  • Cut the top of the sock to make a pair of floppy ears.
  • After that draw your eyes, nose and maybe colour the body if you wish. Finally tie your ribbon, if you have some, around its next to add more detail. 


Enjoy the activity and have an enjoyable Easter. 

Miss Ellis' Yummy Jammy Buns - a cross between a scone and a cake, with a little blob of jam in the middle. 


Ingredients: 150g self raising flour, 75g softened butter, 1 beaten egg,  75g white sugar,  Raspberry jam (or any other flavour) 


Mix the butter and flour together, as though you were making a crumble, until you get fine breadcrumbs. Then add the sugar and mix in.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg and add to the flour, butter, sugar mix until you can bring the mixture together into a dough.

You might use all the egg, but you might not. Then divide the dough into 6 equal balls. Arrange the balls on a greased baking tray, about 3cm apart. Then make a dent in each one with your finger and fill it with a teaspoon of raspberry jam.


Miss Ellis' husband always says that she doesn't put enough jam in, so make the dent as big as you like!


Sprinkle with white sugar and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees or gas mark 6. This is the most difficult part - leave the buns to cool before you eat them. They are much nicer when they are cold, because the top goes crunchy. Enjoy.


Send me some photos if you make some 🤗


     If you want to make more just double the ingredients or treble them. 

Mrs Haire loves nothing more than painting. She has kept herself busy by making these beautiful rainbow flowers - she has them on her fireplace at home. It's a nice reminder of the fantastic work the NHS are doing during this pandemic. 


Another great idea of Mrs Haire's is this painting of  a mummy duck feeding her new born chicks. Use your hand for the mummy duck and your thumb prints for the chicks. 

Very messy but lots of fun! 



Mrs Swift has been making Lego Easter Eggs. All you need is some Lego. I wonder if you can make symmetrical patterns when making your egg?

I would love to see what you can create with Lego, send your pictures to your class teachers.

Have fun being Lego creators.



Miss Ince loves nothing more than letting her hair down, pulling out her guitar and rocking out to loud, very loud, music. 


Why don't you film your own rock video and send it to your class teachers.


(Files that are too large - may need to be shared via the cloud.)

Here is Miss Ince performing Bruno Mars

Still image for this video



Miss Ince also likes Just Dance - here she is having a great time with her daughter!


Why don't you have a go yourself..

Just Dance

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Miss Entwistle has been busy making Rice Krispie cakes 🧁

If you would like to make some for yourself, you will need:

  • A box of Rice Krispies (or you could use Corn flakes if you wish) 
  • Some chocolate of your choice 🍫 - Why not use any left over Easter eggs 
  • Bun cases 
  • Chocolate or sweets of your choice to decorate.


1. Break up the chocolate into a bowl

2. Melt in the microwave or over boiling water - please make sure that an adult helps you

3. Mix the melted chocolate with the Rice Krispies  

4. Empty the chocolate Krispies into the bun cases and decorate however you like

5. ENJOY YOUR YUMMY CAKES & don’t forget to share with your grown ups! 😊



Mrs Entwistle has been very busy making these lovely Easter baskets. She used toilet roll tubes, straws, lollipop sticks, shredded paper and a pipe cleaner for the handle. 


Why don't you make one of these and put a cream egg inside to surprise a family member or a friend?



Mrs Entwistle has made these Easter cards for her family this year - she used scrap paper and lollipop sticks.

To create the sun, she drew around her hand on yellow paper. Then she cut it out carefully. You can also use paint.


We would love to see your Easter card creations