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EYFS & Key Stage 1

Mrs Cunningham's Challenge


Hello boys and girls, I hope you are all OK and looking forward to the sunshine during the half term break. This week, Lucy, Alex and I are planning on making these pencil tubs, perfect for organising stationary ready for home learning next half term. We are going to use scrap paper to decorate a tin. You could make one too!


Don't forget to send pictures to your class teachers!  mail




Mrs Juriansz's Challenge

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Mrs Haire's Challenge


Hi everyone, hope you are keeping safe and well. I’m really missing you all. This week’s challenge is to make a picture crossword puzzle (like below). It can be easy or hard and you can use any topic you like. When you have made it why not ask a grown up to see if they can solve the puzzle you have made.

Have fun!


Mrs Whitwell's Challenge


How about going on a walk and seeing what you can find for each colour. You could print out the sheet below or make your own up. My children did one the other week and we painted colours in the bottom of an egg box then filled the egg box with things that were the same colour, e.g. green - leaves and grass.


Have fun and send is some pictures of what you've found.


Miss Ince's Challenge


Can you draw a picture like the one below? Year one, you will be looking at the great outdoors, can you create an outdoor scene?





Mrs Farrar's Challenge


The Spelling Bop Game - Improve your aiming and throwing skills. How many letters can you hit? Challenge yourself to see how many words you can create in a minute.


Enjoy and have a good half term.

Keep smilinglaugh

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Mrs Clegg's Challenge


After the half term, we will be learning about under the sea. Why not have a go at making a paper plate sea creature.


Mrs Entwistle's Challenge


Can you be creative with a paper plate and make your favourite animal? Here are some ideas:


I thought I would share this with you. Here's my Grandson Freddy. His story off the week at pre school is Jack and the beanstalk. We made our own beanstalk using a paper plate, a kitchen roll tube, paper, paint and felt tips.




Maybe you could think of your favourite story and make something from it using crafts like we did?

You could email them to your teacher so we can try to guess what your story is?

Mrs Whitwell's Challenge


I have discovered a fantastic website for all you budding artists.

Rob Biddulph has created lots of 10 minute tutorial videos for you to follow and create your own illustrations.

Just click on this link to take you to his website and scroll down to choose a video:


I had a go at drawing 'Gregosaurus'.  I hope you like him!  What will you draw?  

I can't wait to see all of your creations!




Miss Roxby's Challenge

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Can you complete this throwing, catching and balancing challenge?


Miss Ellis' Challenge.


During half term, you might be out and about a little bit more. 

Whilst I’ve been out and about, I’ve taken some photographs of landmarks and places in and around Burnley. Do you think you can identify some of the places I’ve been to?


Take a look at my photos and see if you can name the places I’ve visited. You might think, it’s too easy but I’ve changed the photos slightly.  


Miss Faulkner's Challenge


I have added a bird bath and feeder to my garden and enjoyed seeing all the little birds visiting. Can you make your own bird feeder, all you need is lard and bird seeds! I like to push this into a pine cone but you can use any container. A small, clean yogurt pot works well.


Miss Dobson's Challenge


Hi everyone, I hope you're enjoying the half term!

My family have been getting out and about for lots of adventure walks, have you? On our last walk we collected some leaves and brought them home to do some leaf rubbings, they look so cool, can you find some leaves and give it a try? My boys enjoyed using bright colours for theirs!


What colour will you choose?

Miss Hensby's Challenge


Making magic potions - 

Add bicarbonate of soda to lemon juice or vinegar to make a chemical reaction! 


To make your potion even more magical pour the lemon juice in to various different glasses. Mix in some washing up liquid and food colouring into each glass and then add the bicarbonate of soda and watch the magic happen! 


I sometimes add in toys such as bats and insects to make a gruesome concoction!

Take pictures and let us see your wonderful magic potions! 

Love Miss Hensby xx


Miss Entwistle's Challenge



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Mrs Jefcoate's Challenge


I’ve been listening to some very famous actors (Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, Cynthia Erivo, Beanie Feldstein, Josh Gad, Mindy Kaling, Eddie Redmayne, Olivia Wilde, Ruth Wilson, Sarah Paulson, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Kumail Nanjiani and Lupita Nyong'o) reading:



It’s an adventure story about about resilience, triumph over adversity and dealing with a sense of isolation - themes which are very relevant at the moment.  


Ask a grown-up to log on to Roald Dahl’s YouTube channel and enjoy. 


Mrs Jefcoate.

Miss Worsley's Challenge


As the weather has been so beautiful why not try some ice painting! 


Put a small amount of paint in an ice cube tray and attach a small lolly stick. Leave in the freezer for 4 hours ! You might need a grown up help you get the ice out! Then your ready to Paint! I can not wait to see your wonderful creations! 



Another great activity I like to do outside with my children is make sock bubbles! All you need is an old sock, washing up liquid, a bobble and a plastic bottle! 


  • First you need to cut the bottom off your water – ask an adult to help and be careful as the end might be sharp.
  • Cover the end of the bottle with your sock  and secure tightly with a bobble 
  • Dip the sock into your washing up liquid! 
  • Blow carefully down the other end of the bottle and watch as a bubble snake appears!


Miss Dodd's Challenge



Miss Clough’s challenge

Zack and I have been doing lots of junk modelling while we’ve been at home. Here is something we made using an old tissue box - it’s really simple to make and looks great. We made a whole family of monsters, maybe you could recreate a family of monsters too!


Follow the video tutorial below to see the steps to make this - have fun! 🎨

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Mrs Blackburn's Challenge


I'd like you to watch the video below and try and make your own paper boat.  Could you add anything to you boat to make it more waterproof? Could you make different size boats? You may need an adult to help on some of the trickier folds.


How to make a paper boat

Miss Insley's Challenge

I would like you to make a stickman or a sticklady. Gather up some stick and use string to fasten them together. You could add googly eyes and some leaves as hair. As an extra challenge, you could put clothes on your stick person. Maybe you could make a whole family! I can't wait to see what you make - please remember to email a photograph to