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How we make adaptations to the curriculum and learning environment for children with SEND

The long term curriculum plans are available to parents/carers on the school website, along with ideas for how parents can support their child’s learning outside of school. A child with SEND will be supported to access this curriculum in the following ways – 

All learning activities within class are planned and differentiated at an appropriate level so that all children are able to access learning according to their specific needs. This could mean that in a classroom there would be three different levels of work set, however on occasions this might also be individually differentiated depending on the needs of the child/ren. 

The class teacher, alongside the SENCo, with discuss a child’s needs and what support is appropriate. 

Children with SEND will have access to the appropriate resources needed in order to help them make progress eg phonic mats, reading rulers/overlays, practical maths resources, writing slope 

The SENCO reports to the headteacher and governors regularly to inform them about the progress of children with SEND and how resources are being used. Information provided will never name individual children in order to retain confidentiality at all times 

The governor responsible for SEND meets regularly with the SENCO and this is reported termly at governor meetings to ensure everyone is clear on school and LEA information. 

The governors agree priorities for the SEND budget with the overall aim that all children recieve the support they require in order to access the curriculum, make progress and secure good outcomes. This includes resourcing appropriate resources, equipment and facilites. 
Our school understands the importance of adaptation in enabling all children to access the curriculum, irrespective of their needs.  This is often done through class task differentiation, discreet group support (both in and outside of classes) and through use of class teacher support, Teaching Assistant support and one-to-one support where applicable.  
The curriculum will be adapted, where required, as will the learning environment. It is important to make such changes in order for children to fully benefit from the broad and balanced curriculum offered at Rosewood Primary School.