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Rosewood Primary School Believe, Enjoy, Succeed Together - B.E.S.T.


How we support children during transitions stages and preparing them for their next step

Transition arrangements are firmly established in school, and parents/carers and children will be involved in any decisions made to ensure that transition at whatever stage of the child’s school journey is successful.  

Social and emotional support is planned so that each child can make all transitions smoothly and confidently.  

  • Encourages all new children to visit Rosewood prior to starting, at whatever stage of their transition 
  • Liaise closely with all staff when receiving and transfering children to and from different schools, ensuring all relevant paperwork is passed on and all needs are discussed and understood 
  • A transition form is sent to each school where a child is transfering from Rosewood, ensuring all relevant paperwork is passed on and all needs are discussed and understood 
  • Where a child with SEND is preparing to leave Rosewood, school would seek to arrange additional visits as neccessary for the child in question, to support a smooth and confident transition 
  • If a child has complex needs, then an EHC plan review will be used as a transition planning meeting to which staff from both schools will be invited 
  • Some secondary schools also run transition programmes specifically tailored to support the more vulnerable pupils at the end of the primary stage of education, and school would ensure that these programmes are accessed as a priority. 
  • Facilitates close liaison with high school at the end of KS2 to ensure that all needs are discussed, records passed on and support needed is highlighted 
  • Transition between year groups and key stages within school will be dealt with as part of our annual transition and hand over to the next class teacher