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KS2 Challenges

Mrs Farrar's Challenges





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Follow the link below to have a go for yourself.



Kitchen Roll Colouring

If you're like me and don't have any colouring books then using kitchen roll is the ideal solution. All you need is felt tips. Colour in some of the dots to create your master piece.

Who would have thought kitchen roll could look so good?!

 Here's a design I  made earlier.

Straw Maze

You will need;

- a cardboard lid


- scissors

- glue

Cut the straws into various sizes to create your maze.
See picture below to help you complete this activity.
You could use a marble or small ball to get around your maze.
You could even challenge someone in your house and time yourself.
You can have endless fun with your maze and make it as easy or difficult as you wish. Enjoy!!

Mrs Bennett's Challenges


Guess Who?!

Could you use my idea to create your face or one of your friends or family?


Do you want to make a rainbow?

 Creative Collage

Mrs Haythornwhite's Challenges


Origami Dog

Prep time: 10 mins

You will need:

- A square piece of coloured paper
- Black pen

Top tip: be sure to press firmly on each crease when you fold.



Step 1
 Fold the square of paper in half diagonally, unfold an then fold in half     diagonally in the other direction and unfold. Then, fold all the points inwards to meet in the centre to make a smaller square. 


Step 2.
Open out one of the points then fold so that the point meets the previous crease. Fold back along the crease to make a square again. 


Step 3. 

Open out the opposite point and then fold back on itself so that the point extends beyond the square by approximately 1.5cm. Fold in half as shown.


Step 4.

Open out the front flap so the point is extended, then fold diagonally as shown in the centre picture above. Then fold the point down along the crease line.


Step 5. 

Repeat step four on the opposite side, mirroring the actions. Invert the fold on the front of the dog’s head to extend the snout. Draw on a nose and pair of eyes to finish.



House Of Cards

The goal here is to build a structure out of playing cards; a house and a roof.

Balancing cards on one another is not easy and it becomes more difficult as you build up the cards and they get higher.
A tip is to build on a hard, solid surface. This will give the base a good support.

What shape of house can you build?

How high can you build your house?

Don’t forget to take a photo of your finished house (hopefully before it collapses) and send it to your class teacher. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Here’s an example;

Backyard Funout!


Lego Challenge

Mrs Sproule's Challenges


Outdoor photography

We love taking photos in my house, we like to make them fun. Can you design a frame like mine and take some arty outdoor pictures? I'd love to see them! 




Pebble Painting

Painting rocks is a favourite with my children. Being at home has been difficult for some people, can you decorate some rocks with uplifting pictures or words?
You can hide them for people to find.




Fabulous Florists

We love nature and flowers. Can you design a vase and arrange some flowers to make a beautiful picture? You can be as creative as you like!

Mrs Smits' Challenges



Choose one task from the following list for each day over summer.

  1. Do some meditation.
  2. Go on a hike.
  3. Have a water fight
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Have a technology free day.
  6. Make a fruit salad.
  7. Make a music playlist for when your exercising.
  8. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  9. Make your own ice lollies.
  10. 10. Try watergun painting.
  11. 11. Do some yoga.
  12. Tidy and rearrange your room.
  13. Go star gazing.
  14. Create a silly dance to your favourite song and teach your family.
  15. Eat some watermelon.
  16. Learn something new.
  17. Write down what you love about yourself.
  18. Help someone in need.
  19. Work up a sweat.
  20. Read a book in a quiet space.
  21. Create a workout routine.
  22. Research something you know nothing about.
  23. Bake or cook something new.
  24. Go to bed an hour ealier than normal.
  25. Drink more water.
  26. Try a new fruit.
  27. Try a new vegetable.
  28. Walk for at least half an hour outside.
  29.  Play a board game.
  30. Go on a nature walk.



A Sketch A Day 

Every day take a photo then sketch later.

Here are some examples:

a pet, your dinner, landscape, something you love, a street, a bridge,your room, the moon, what you see outside your window, inside your bag.



Dance Like Nobody Is Watching!

Make up a dance routine to a piece of music and teach your family and friends.

Mrs Meek's Challenges

Mad Scientists!




Mrs Meek’s Flour Challenge

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Mrs Jefcoate’s Challenges 




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