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Reception Gallery

Maya’s talking snail!

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Look at Jodie’s Gingerbread Man

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Jack W’s Gingerbread Man

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Eleanor's Sheepdog

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Picture 1 Christopher put some mini beasts in his house.
Picture 2 Joshua finished off some repeating patterns.
Picture 3 Casey made and measured some worms.
Picture 4 Blake went for an indoor bike ride.
Picture 5 Christopher made 10 on a ladybird.
Picture 6 Casey practiced doubling numbers.
Picture 7 Harvey has written a fantastic sentence!
Picture 8 Parker had a VE day party.
Picture 9 Can you guess what animal George is writing about?
Picture 10 Casey made her own story!
Picture 11 Christopher made a Union Jack Flag for VE day!
Picture 12 George made the Greatest Potato-Man
Picture 13 Casey lost a tooth!!
Picture 14 Eleanor has held her own puppet show!
Picture 15 Joshua has put the objects in size order.
Picture 16 Harvey has counted the pennies.
Picture 1 Myla with her African Snail!
Picture 2 Myla has spotted lots of different mini beasts.
Picture 3 George has made his own house.
Picture 4 Parker and his brother have been baking.
Picture 5 Casey has made some sock puppets!
Picture 6 Parker loves archery!
Picture 7 Myla's flower picture.
Picture 8 Joshua had been strengthening his fingers!
Picture 9 Parker loves finding different mini beasts
Picture 10 Myla creating her flower picture.
Picture 11 Casey doing some beautiful writing.
Picture 12 Casey has made her own tractor.
Picture 13 Joshua is making a ladybird
Picture 14 Parker matching money.
Picture 1 Scarlet has baked some yummy cakes!
Picture 2 George enjoyed riding his bike in the sun.
Picture 3 Eleanor has been busy sorting animals.
Picture 4 Jack has done some amazing writing.
Picture 5 Eleanor has been very creative!
Picture 6 Joshua has made a fabulous sock puppet.
Picture 7 Frank had been creative with paper plates.
Picture 8 Frank loves reading and listening to stories.
Picture 9 Casey could use the pictures to retell the story.
Picture 10 Casey went shopping in her garden with real money!
Picture 11 Ava and her sister have made super sock puppets
Picture 12 Harley drew a picture of us playing football.


Eliza has made a bug                   Jack has been on            Reeva has been painting

hotel.                                            a bug hunt.                     pictures for the NHS.


Maya found lots of snails in her garden shed.

She fed them lettuce and cucumber.


Jack has made a                 Lexie's bean is growing       Lily has been on a minibeast hunt.

healthy lunchbox.               taller and taller.


Easter Activities