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The kinds of SEND we provide for

At Rosewood Primary School we provide care, support and guidance for pupils with a range of different needs and difficulties. This is done through a range of different responses depending on a pupil’s individual needs and difficulties.  
A child is deemed as having Special Educational Needs if he or she has learning difficulties which require additional support and advice different from that already in place through quality first teaching within the classroom enviroment.  
A child has learning difficulties if he or she has:-

A difficulty in learning which is significantly greater than other pupils of a similar age.  Has a disability which hinders or prevents a child from making use of educational facilities of a kind provided for children of a similar age in other schools within the LEA. 

Is under compulsory school age and falls within the definitions above, or would do if special educational provision were not provided. 
Special Educational Provision means: 

Educational provision which is ‘additional to or different from’ the educational provision provided generally for pupils in mainstream schools. 
Children will not be deemed as having a learning difficulty solely because of language difficulties where the language they speak at home is different from the language which they are taught in. 
All staff at Rosewood Primary School are fully aware of, and have due regard for, the SEN Code of Practice, and are aware of their responsiblities in ensuring that the needs of all pupils are met. 
Parents/carers will be involved in all stages of their child’s educational journey through school and will be involved in all decisions and planning for next steps to ensure provision to meet any additional needs are in place. 
Rosewood Primary School strives to be an inclusive school and the range of needs supported in school is wide. These include those children who have difficulties linked with hearing, visual and co-ordination impairments, those children with speech and social interaction difficulties, as well as those children with social and emotional difficulties.