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Weekly Challenges

Mrs Entwistle's Weekly Challenge


Now that we are allowed to have small gatherings. It will be lovely to get together with family or friends.

Can you design a poster for a summer garden party?

Dont forget to include....

  • Who will be invited?
  • When will it be? (day, date, and time)
  • Will there be food available? ( bbq, sandwiches, cales, ice-creams


You can send your posters to your class teacher -  so that they can go into the gallery. I would love to see them.

I miss you all very much, stay safe and take care x

Mrs Bennett's Challenge


For my challenge this week, I would like you to create a maze. Look at the images below for some inspiration. The more items you add, the more difficult your maze becomes. You could use cut up section of straws or small pieces of card or paper to create the maze. For the ball, you could use a dried pea if you haven't got anything else. When you have completed your maze, take a photo and send it to your teacher good luck!






Miss Ince's Weekly Challenge



Can you make a superhero mask out of a paper plate? Maybe you could invent your own Lock down Superhero!




Mrs Swift's Weekly Challenge


Decorate a bag with different colours.  Can you find the colours on your scavenger bag/sheet on your daily walk.




Mrs Dobson's Weekly Challenge


Hi everyone!

With the weather getting sunnier I thought you might like to explore outdoor chalking! My boys have drawn a big hopscotch to play on, and had fun designing their own wings, as well as a superhero cape! I've put a few more examples of what adventures you could draw out below! Enjoy!




Mrs Jefcoate's Weekly Challenge


My challenge this week is to perform an Act of Kindness to somebody that you know who might be feeling a bit lonely or sad at the moment. This will take you 5 minutes but will bring a big smile and a lot of happiness to them. 

There are 2 rules to keep you safe: It must be somebody that you know and you must let your parent or carer know what you’re doing. Here’s some ideas:

  • You could ring them for a chat and tell them what you’ve been up to 
  • Read them one of your favourite stories on a video call
  • Write them a letter just letting them know you’re thinking about them. 

You will feel amazing when you’ve done this. When we get back to school, come and tell me what you did and I will give you a glow stick which will remind you of the time you brought light and happiness to somebody who needed it.  

Mrs Jefcoate