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What our arrangements are for assessing and reviewing children's progress

As a school we track and analyse the children’s progress in learning against national expectations, and age related expectations on a half termly basis. 
The class teacher continually assesses each child and note areas where they are improving, and where support is neeed. As a school we track children’s progress from entry in nursery through to Year 6 using a varierty of different methods. 
Pupil Progress Meetings are held at least termly between each class teacher and the Head teacher. In these meetings, a discussion takes place concerning children who are not making expected progress, and possible interventions and actions are discussed. 

In addition to normal reporting arrangements and parents meetings, parents of children with SEND are invited to attend regular POP review meetings where there will be the opportunity to discuss chidlren’s progress with the class teacher. The SENCo is always available for further discussion and to support parents with any concerns they might have. 
Parents/carers can also be involved in supporting their child’s education through consultation with the class teacher, which may involve special homework activities, reinforcement tasks linked to classroom learning and other such tasks. 
Where specific needs are apparent, the school has a number of different assessments which can be used to explore a child’s stengths and areas of difficulties in more depth. School employ the skills and expertise of specialist teachers to undertake assessments and develop strategies to implement to help support the differing needs of children. 
The head teacher and SENCo report regularly to the Governing Body. The Chair of Governors has specific responsibility for SEN and meets regularly with the SENCo, as well as attending briefing sessions.