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What support we provide for social and emotional development

Rosewood Primary School has a strong caring and supportive ethos, and is a school which holds a child’s social and emotional well being as a priority. We aim to ensure that all our children have the highest levels of pastoral care possible. 
The class teacher has overall responsibility for the pastoral, medical and social care for each child in their class and is supported by a network of pastoral staff who work closely together to ensure that the children feel safe and confident across school.  
The school has a Learning Mentor who is able to offer support to both parents and children regarding their social and emotional well being. Parents and teachers can request that a child spend some informal time with our Learning Mentor and/or support worker which allows a child to focus on their well being, concerns and worries which in turn helps them then focus more in class. 
Our Learning Mentor is also able to offer advice concerning parenting and give professional guidance surrounding local services available around the community when needed. School has close working relationships with a number of different support agencies, and can signpost families to appropriate centres for additional support  
Rosewood Primary also has staff responsible for managing medicines within school. Care plans are in place for those children with medical disabilities such as epilepsy, diabeties and the use of an epi-pen/ These are updated annually. In some circumstances, a child may need a designated person to support them with their care, and in these situations appropriate training is undertaken and school liaise closely with parents. 
Class teachers follow Rosewood Primary School’s Behaviour Policy and strategies will be amended as and where needed to cater for children with behavioural needs. The Senior Leadership Team have the overall responsibility of overseeing the management of behaviour across the school and they will be made aware of such needs. As a school, we believe that positive behaviour management is a crucial factor surrounding the ongoing progress of all children, including those with special educational needs.  
All staff at Rosewood Primary are fully aware of safeguarding issues which may arise, and can deal with any concerns in a confidential but professional manner. There are three members of staff who are specifically designated to ensure the safeguarding of all children within our care – the Head, Assistant Head, SENCo and Learning Mentor.