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Year 6 Gallery

My Lockdown Experiences


Work Based on Pinocchio, The Wizard of Oz and Robots

Eve Corfield-Orton

Wiiliam Blakey

William Blakey

William Blakey 1

Joshua Heap

Joshua Heap 1

Viktor Szuplik

Viktor Szuplik 1

Work from the book 'Wonder'

William Blakey 6W

William Blakey 6W 1
William Blakey 6W 2
William Blakey 6W 3
William Blakey 6W 4
Jessica Mahrous 6R

Cooking with Teagan

Cooking with Teagan 1
Cooking with Teagan 2
Cooking with Teagan 3

Ethan's lockdown exercise

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Picture 1

Oliver Culshaw 6R

Picture 1
Picture 2

Emily Haworth 6R

Emily Haworth 6R 1
Emily Haworth 6R 2
Emily Haworth 6R 3
Emily Haworth 6R 4

Emily's Science Experiment

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Ethan Holt 6R

Ethan Holt 6R 1
                  Captain Tom Moore

William Blakey 6W

William Blakey 6W 1


                               Eve Corfield-Orton     
Picture 1 Ethan Ha' rhino.jpg
Picture 2 Ethan Ha' trainer.jpg
Picture 3 Jessica Ma' volcano.jpg
Picture 4 Oliver's cat.jpg
Picture 5 Olivia's Easter card.jpg
Picture 6 Olivia's horse.jpg
Picture 7 Olivia's volcano.jpg

Creative Corner

William Blakey Bakes

William Blakey Bakes 1
William Blakey Bakes 2
William Blakey Bakes 3

Viktor and Sara Szuplik

Viktor and Sara Szuplik 1
Viktor and Sara Szuplik 2
Viktor and Sara Szuplik 3
Viktor and Sara Szuplik 4
Viktor and Sara Szuplik 5
Viktor and Sara Szuplik 6

Cloe Heys

Cloe Heys 1
Cloe Heys 2
Cloe Heys 6W reading her 'den'

Cloe Heys 6W has been baking.


Ethan Ha's been baking too

Ethan Ha's been baking too 1




Cloe Heys Tennis Challenge

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