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Mrs Farrar's weekly challenge

Ball and cup challenge

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Sports Day Challenge

As it would have been our annual sports day event this week for my challenge this week I would like you to complete either the 7 minute hiit workout or the moves to become a superhero. The posters are below for you to follow. Get up! Get fit! Get active! And most importantly enjoy!

Coin Bowling

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I'm sure many of you are feeling stressed, worried or anxious at the moment not being able to see your friends or go to school. Even not being able to do your favourite activities such as swimming or bowling. It's OK to feel like this. Using mindfulness activities helps us to overcome these emotions we feel. I have put a link below with some great activities you could try - even the grown ups will enjoy these. I have made the glitter jar and use it when I'm feeling a little down in the dumps or angry. It really helps me to calm down. Have a go at one of the activities. Enjoy and keep smiling.

Bowling Alley

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Spelling Bob Challenge

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How many words can you spell?

The Potato Challenge

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Who will you challenge?

Musical statues...with a twist!

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