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Year 4

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Create a Rainbow


Rainbows are often a symbol of hope.

Please will you create a rainbow?

You can be as creative as you like - draw, paint, collage or use even use Purple Mash.

Send a picture to your teachers so we can add it to our rainbow display for everyone to see!

Monday 30/3/20



LO: To identify equivalent fractions

Visit this website Look for ‘Daily Sessions’ and complete the ‘Adventurer’ sample lesson. Make sure you write down around 6 of the fractions that you are working out (you will need that for your challenge).


Challenge: Using the 6 fractions that you have written down, pair them up and ADD them together. E.g. 3/8 + ¼



LO: To understand word classes.

Go to Purple Mash. Complete work titled 'Word combos' on your 2Dos. Click one of the given words from the wanted word class. Next use the phrases you have created in a story or a poem.



GLO: To research famous European landmarks.

Using Google, research 5 famous landmarks around Europe. From the information you have collected, create a poster or fact file about your chosen landmarks.




To name different foods. 


Watch Practise saying the names for different foods in French. Watch the video again. Can you remember any of the names of any different foods without using the video?


Can you use a piece of paper to create a menu for a French cafe or restaurant? Use the video to help you remember the names of different French foods.


Can you identify the french words for any foods you eat during the week. Practise saying “I ate..” in French, “J’ai mangè...”


Eg. “J’ai mangè uni pomme!”

Tuesday 31/3/20



LO:To recognise tenths and hundredths

Visit Complete Week 1 Lesson 1. There is a teaching video and an activity for you to answer questions from. Also, there are answers to go along with this.


Challenge: Explain to a family member what you have learnt in today's lesson



Lo: To create a diary

Today, we would like you to start a diary. This is your diary to keep whilst we are not all together at school.  In your diary, can you keep a record of the next few weeks? This could be in the form of - 

A traditional diary entry,

A mind map of the events of the day or your feelings,

A picture of your favourite thing you did today,

A letter to you in the future.


A diary is a wonderful way of getting your thoughts and feelings out. It is also something that you will read in years to come about the events of 2020.


On your first page of your diary why not create a description of yourself?



MLO: To create a beat to a piece of music.

Listen to any piece of music at home (on a computer/phone, the radio, etc). Using any items available, e.g. wooden spoons on metal pans, create a beat. The beat you create should be played alongside the music you have chosen. Preform the beat you have created to your adults at home.  


Wednesday 01/04/20



LO: To convert tenths to decimals and vise versa

 Visit Complete Week 1 Lesson 2. There is a teaching video and an activity for you to answer questions from. Also, there are answers to go along with this.


Challenge: Order these in ascending order (smallest to largest)


0.3      2/10     1/2     4 tenths     one      0      0.55     



LO: To plan a story.

Go to this website . Watch the short animation clip. Using the clip come up with some ideas of where the turtles may be taking the man. Choose your favourite idea.


Create a plan.


- Collect verbs and adverbs to do with floating and sailing gracefully.

- Describe where the turtles are taking the man.

- What happens when the man arrives?

- Does the man meet anyone along the way?


Use your imagination.



SLO: To understand how sound travels

To create a poster about how sound travels from our mouths to another person’s ears. You can use both illustrations and text on you poster. Put your poster in your home learning book.


Thursday 02/04/20



LO: To identify tenths on a number line

Visit Complete Week 1 Lesson 4. There is a teaching video and an activity for you to answer questions from. Also, there are answers to go along with this.


Challenge: Create 3 number lines that are similar to the examples in Q2. See if you can test someone at home.




LO: To write a story using description.

Watch the clip again from yesterday. Write down any adjectives that pop into your head. Using the plan you created, write your story. Remember to use fronted adverbials and expanded noun phases (DAN) when describing the setting.


Challenge: Use a complex sentence.



LO: To create a blog.

Launch Purple Mash. Select the ‘‘sharing’ tab at the top, then click on the tab ‘shared blogs’ and finally onto ‘year 4 blog’. Create a blog post to let your classmates know what you have been getting up to. You may even want to add a picture to your blog post.


Friday 03/04/20



LO: To plot coordinates

Visit this website Download the pack for Year 4. Open the ‘Year 4 Home Learning Pack’ and look at pages 15-17. Follow the instructions and complete the activity.


Challenge: Can you create your own coordinates picture clues for someone in your family?



LO: To identify and create fronted adverbial sentences.

Go to Purple Mash. Complete the work titled 'Frank’s clever window again' on your 2Dos. Can you identify where the missing punctuation belongs in the sentences? How far can you get up the levels?


Watch this video to recap the rules  



RLO: To design and create an Easter card.

Look at what symbols best represent the importance of Easter for Christians. Using some of these symbols design and create an Easter card for a loved one. You can even write and add a poem inside.