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Mrs Edmondson is the Learning Mentor at our school.  She is part of the staff team whose role it is to work with pupils, parents, staff and other outside agencies to identify strategies that help children to get more out of their time in school.


Mrs Edmondson's aim is to help children practice skills that will help them to concentrate in the classroom and to build up positive relationships with both children and adults.  She will also help children to develop confidence and self esteem. 


All sorts of children can benefit from working with a Learning Mentor.  These can include those having issues with:


  • Poor attendance and punctuality
  • Friendship issues
  • Lack of confidence and self esteem
  • Building positive relationships
  • Having trouble adapting to changes at home or in school
  • Having difficulty organising themselves or trouble with class work
  • Negative behaviour issues
  • Being young carers


Mrs Edmondson is always on hand to support a child should they encounter a problem in school.  She also runs a number of clubs during lunch times and after school where the children can have fun whilst learning valuable social skills.


Mrs Edmondson works with a variety of children across the whole ability range.  She can work with children on an individual or small group basis.  Parents can ask Mrs Edmondson for help or the child can be referred via the Class Teacher or Senco. At Rosewood we believe that a child is supported best when school and parents/carers work together.


Parents can, and are encouraged to, contact Mrs Edmondson to discuss the work their child will be doing or to check on their child's progress.  If you have any concerns about your child working with Mrs Edmondson, want more information or would like to contact her direct please do so either via her contact page or the school telephone number.

Mrs Edmondson, Learning Mentor

Please contact me if you wish to discuss the work I will be doing with your child or would like to discuss any issues your child may be having in school.