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Year 5

Well done to our top 4 reading champs who competed in our Sumdog reading challenge.

Well done to our top 4 reading champs who competed in our Sumdog reading challenge. 1

Home Learning 23/3/20

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Well done everyone on some excellent work. Here are just a few examples of the amazing work sent in. Will your week be on next week?

If you need to contact Mrs Turner or Mr Windle please use:


Please be aware that some links will take the children to age appropriate YouTube videos.


Home Learning Tasts 30.3.20 (These are activities that don't rely on technology)


We have got username and passwords for a new online learning platform called sumdog. If you would like your username and password emailing to you, please contact your teacher on or on PurpleMash email.


There are also additional activities for you to complete on MyMaths and PurpleMash this week.


Monday 30/3/20



Lo: To write a diary entry


When we went on our trip to Bradford TV museum we watched an IMAX film of how engineering transformed the lives of a small village who had to cross a treacherous river almost every day.

Well now you have to imagine what such a treacherous journey would be like. Open up the pdf and you will see a picture and a writing activity. The ‘Question Time’ sheet will help you complete the diary entry. You can complete the diary entry in your home learning book and email a picture of it or I have added a purple mash for you to complete it on (this one does workJ)


Lo: to complete number patterns


Go to MyMaths and complete the work on counting 5

Or email for a sumdog password and username and you can try the addition activity on there.



Lo: To know what was invented during the Islamic Golden Age and how have these inventions changed people's lives?


Watch the film clip '1001 inventions and the library of secrets' on the 1001 inventions website: 

  • The inventors featured in the film include:
  • Ibn al-Haytham (early development of the camera obscura).
  • Al-jazari (engineer and early developer of automata).
  • Abbas ibn Firnas (reputed to have attempted flight).
  • Al-Zahrawi (pioneer of modern surgery).
  • Merriam al-ljliya (designer and constructor of astrolabes)

You can also do some additional research on

Make notes on your favourite inventor/invention as you will need this tomorrow.


Tuesday 31/3/20



Lo: To write a book review.


What books have you been reading recently? Have you been listening to the wide range of free audio book at or have you accessed all the free ebooks on Oxford Owl?


Then now its time to share your favourite book. I have been trying to read (and listen to) all of the Chris Riddell books I have. You have a book review on PurpleMash but if you would prefer to create your own in your home learning book just make sure to send us a photo of it so we can share it with your classmates.


There is also a SumDog  reading activity set up if you would prefer to choose that.



Lo: To round decimal


Go to and complete Week 2 Lesson 1

Watch to help you if you need it.

Send a picture of your completed work



Lo: To share historical research in a variety of ways


Choose an inventor from the film yesterday or other inventor from the Islamic Golden Age and create a report on them. You could include

  • When they lived.
  • What they invented and how it was used.
  • How this invention was used and developed through the ages.
  • How this invention is used today.
  • A script of them explaining who they are and what they invented


You could present their research findings using digital presentation formats such as Chatterpix, Morpho, Clips, PowerPoint, a poster, leaflet or word document.

Make sure you send them to us show we can show everyone next week.


Wednesday 1/4/20


Are you up for a little challenge? If you haven’t already got your Sumdog password and username make sure you get it quick as we have set up a reading competition on Sumdog for you to take part in. Who will win?



Lo: To explore a characters emotions



As you watch the video can you complete the sheet (pdf below), identifying which character feels these emotions?

Challenge – Can you use some of these words to create an amazing sentence and upload it to our PurpleMash blog? (You can find the blog in Tools – 2Blog – Year 5 Blog)



Lo: To measure angles


Go to and play the game on reading angles.


Remember to always start from 0 on the horizontal line.

What was your top score?



Lo: To find out how rollercoasters work


We have been learning about forces in our science topic. Forces are everywhere and they help to shape the world we live in. A very exciting way to see forces is at theme park. Below is a link that explain how forces work on a rollercoaster (through the use of my favourite thing – LEGO!)


Now can you show what you have learnt about how forces help rollercoasters work? You could create a video (clips), a poster, an information paragraph, draw and label a picture of a rollercoaster or even create your own rollercoaster out of items you have around the house and a toy car to see how they work.


Thursday 2/4/2020



Lo: use modal verbs


Go to

You will need your student login. Watch the 5th video down the menu ‘Expressing possibility using modal verbs & adverbs’. Complete the quiz, quiz plus and activity.

Can you explain to someone in your family what a modal verb is?



Lo: find the perimeter of compound shapes


Go to

Recap the summary on finding missing lengths when given other measurements.

Watch the video, then draw out and complete the practice questions in your home learning journal. You can self-check your answers with the answer pdf on the site.



Lo: recognise gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect


Go to

Watch the video clip about how gears help the bicycle rider with their effort.



(a) In your home learning journal, draw a picture of you riding your bike and show the forces acting upon it. Then explain in a couple of sentences how gears help you to ride; OR

(b) Photo or draw a machine that uses gears and explain in a couple of sentences how gears help e.g. egg-whisks/food mixers, tin-openers, clock gears etc.

(c) Photo a set of gears you have made (you could use ‘cogs’ made of bottle-tops with cardboard ‘teeth’ around/cardboard/Lego or other materials you have around the home) showing how the gear ratios work and email it to us.


Watch the video on pulleys and strongmen at the bottom of the BBC link page to learn how another mechanism can help with applied effort.



Friday 3/4/2020



Lo: use commas to clarify meaning


Go to

Watch the video on ‘Punctuation: Using commas to clarify meaning (KS2)’.

Read the pdf ‘Commas to clarify meaning’ and complete the sentence work on the first page in your home learning journal. Self-check with the answers on the second page – I’m sure you won’t cheat!

From the third page, email the picture of your artwork to illustrate the importance of commas – the most appropriately humorous may end up on the website!



Lo: identify nets

Go to

For each net, enter your prediction whether it will form a cube or not. Watch the video for each and see if your prediction was correct. Play again and try to  beat your time and accuracy from before.

Pick the 3 nets which most surprised you would form a cube, then draw them as accurately as you can in your home learning journal.

If you have time and are using a device with Flash player (not usually on tablets), go to

Have fun completing the ‘starter’ section clicking on the properties of each shape and use this to help you answer the investigation in ‘section 1’. Use the arrow keys to move the slides along in each section of the lesson.



Lo: design and create an Easter garden


Can you design and make an Easter garden or a bonnet. Can you be really creative and use moving parts - think pulleys, levers, gears or cams?




To practise asking for food in French


Practise these different phrases in French. (If you are unsure how to pronounce them, google translate will say them for you)


“Bonjour” / “Hello”


“Je voudrais ...” / “I would like...”


“Combien s’il vous plait..?.” / “ How much please...?”


“L’addition s’il vous plait” / “The bill please”


Watch the video Imagine you are in a French restaurant and practise asking for different foods and drinks using the phrases above. 


Can you use a piece of paper to create a menu for a French cafe or restaurant? Use the video to help you remember the names of different French foods.


Throughout the week, use mealtimes as an opportunity to use your new French vocabulary by pretending you are eating out at a French café or restaurant!



Create a Rainbow


Rainbows are often a sign of hope.

Please will you create a rainbow?

You can be as creative as you like - draw, paint, collage, or even use Purple Mash.

Send a picture to your teachers so we can add it to our rainbow display for everyone to see!