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Year 5

If you need to contact Mrs Turner or Mr Windle please use:


Please be aware that some links will take the children to age appropriate YouTube videos.


Lucy's in Lockdown

Still image for this video
We are very much looking forward to our Zoom get togethers. We will add some more information closer to the time but for now have a think about something you have created or done that you would like to share.

I found this video online and I thought it was a lovely story. It's easy to forget sometimes that #It's OK not to be OK. Even though we are not all at school at the moment, we are still here for you and you can talk to us whenever you need us.

Home Learning Grids: (No computer needed)




Calling all Year 5. We need you to send us a photograph of you holding a rainbow. This can be a drawing or painting of a rainbow, a rainbow cake or a rainbow model. Your photograph can be either landscape or portrait. We must have everyone's photograph as it will become part of an artwork and will also be placed on the front of your wonderful reports. So, get busy and sent it to us ASAP!




This is a great book which encourages children to notice and celebrate differences in people.

If you decide to complete some activities (found at the back of the book),  don't forget to email your pictures! 



Monday 6/7/20


Our English this week continues our space theme.



Lo: To design a leaflet

Explore how to become an astronaut by reading these texts, making notes as you read each one.


The Usborne Official Astronauts Handbook by Louie Stowell:

Page 5 ‘How to Become a NASA Astronaut’ of Cool Astronomy 50 Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages by Malcolm Croft:

Spacekids website: Ever wondered what it takes to become an astronaut.


A fantastic website to look at is

(If you would prefer to create your leaflet based on life aboard the ISS go ahead)


Design a leaflet for NASA titled ‘How to Become an Astronaut’. The leaflet is a guide for children aged around 9-11 to inform them of what it takes to become an astronaut. 

Today I would like you to plan your leaflet…

  • what subheadings will you use?
  • what diagrams?
  • what quotes?
  • make notes from today’s reading
  • will you add fun facts?


Lo: To recognise and understand percentages


Go to


Watch the videos and read the information and complete the activity 1 and 2.




Lo: To understand what makes a good computer game



Go to

Explore what makes a good computer game and how they are created. Then try the games below





Tuesday 7/7/20



Lo: To create a leaflet


Use your notes and planning from Monday, you can print out the leaflet template to help you set out your work if you want.


Remember to read through your work to check for punctuation and spelling. You can always go back to the texts you read yesterday to add more information.







Lo: To write percentages as fractions and decimals


Go to

Watch the video and read the information. Then have a go at the sheet below


Lo: To create a game


Go to PurpleMash. I have set a 2do 2DIY3D. Can you create your own themed game? Think carefully before you start about what theme you are going to use and how that can tie in with the setting, character and gameplay.


If you would like to challenge yourself, why not try - Scratch, Kodu or Swift playground? All of these are apps/computer programs that are free.




Wednesday 8/7/20



Lo: To use known facts to create a magazine page based on known facts


Find out about the history-making SpaceX rocket which has just landed at the International Space Station.

BBC Newsround – SpaceX docks to ISS: NASA astronauts land safely and make history:


Write a news report about the landing.

To get an idea of how Newsround currently present the news, watch the show here: CBBC Newsround: Watch Newsround –


To help when
writing your news script, think about including these points:
– Introduce yourself and explain what your news is, in a short  summary sentence ‘Good evening, my name is… Tonight’s main
news is…’
– Stick to the key facts
– making your news as clear as possible
– You may wish to include quotes from the astronauts which can be found in the article
– Give a closing statement to end your bulletin ‘I’m … and this has been tonight’s news. Goodnight.’ 



Lo: To add decimals using a formal method


Go to


Next have a go at activity 2.


Lo: To create a piece of art about space


Today you are going to create your own piece of art. Check out the 3 art tutorials below. Can you use either of these or even all of them to create a piece of space themed art. 


Think carefully about proportion and shade. Can you remember the work of Peter Thorpe and take some inspiration from him? (SpaceX Dragon Capsule) (Astronaut) (Simple rocket)



Thursday 9/7/20



Lo: To plan a travel brochure


Do you remember the wonderful planet of Pandora? Well today you are going to be creating a travel brochure for this beautiful world.


Watch the clip (Note: Although Avatar has a 12 certificate, this extract is age appropriate).


After watching once, watch again – this time making notes about the
planet as you watch. You may find pausing the clip at these times helpful to write down your notes:
– 0:00 – 0:56 mins
– 0:56 – 2:04 mins
– 2:04 – 3:33 mins
– 3:33 – end.


Create a page, for a  travel brochure, advertising a space trip to Pandora.
When writing your advertisement, consider these points:
– Have you included an enticing title which will draw the reader in?
– Begin with an opening paragraph which gives an overview of
Pandora and why they might want to visit.
– Include short subsections which describe what they might see if they took the trip.
– Don’t forget to use persuasive features, such as: appealing
adjectives to describe the attractions, rhetorical questions, imperative verbs, e.g. ‘grab a ticket’ ‘book now’, facts and figures
about Pandora.


If you want you can create this on PurpleMash so I can read it and give you some feedback







Lo: To add decimals with different decimal places


Go to


Choose whether you would like to do activity 1 (worksheet) or activity 2 (interactive game).



Lo: To investigate feelings and emotions


The last few months have been a very strange and uncertain time for everybody and it's easy to forget to take some time out just to think about what has been happening. Doing this is a way of letting our body and brain deal with emotions and feelings that we may not even realised we had. I have been using meditation in our house just to take some time out of the day to think and feel and 'be'.  Some of you will remember our meditation sessions from class. We always end of meditation sessions with a chat with each other, sometimes it's about what we are feeling and sometimes it's about minecraft or football! 


Today I would like you to read the book below then have a chat with someone in your house. Remember, you can chat about anything! However, make sure you do talk to someone after as this is a good way of letting your brain have time to understand what you have read.





Friday 10/7/20



Lo: To write creatively


Watch yesterdays clip again.

As you are watching, imagine you are an astronaut about to embark on a journey to Pandora. Think about the parts you would love to explore and also the places/things which you would be nervous to


After watching, now imagine you have just spent your first day in
Pandora. Write a diary/ blog about your experience. 
Use the points below to help you…

  • Spaceship journey to Pandora
  • Landing on Pandora / first impressions
  • First place visited 
  • Second place visited / meeting creature from Pandora 
  • Closing paragraph – where are you now? How do you feel about tomorrow


I have added it as a PurpleMash 2do if you prefer.




Lo: To subtract decimals


Go to and complete the lesson.



Lo: To create a game


Today I am going to set you a challenge! Can you create a game? It can be an active outdoor game, it can be a board game, it can be a creative game, it can be anything but it has to involve at least 2 people.


Think about your favourite games -

Is it physical like tennis or Twister?

Is it strategic like Connect 4 or Monopoly?

Is it creative like Pictionary or Charades?

Is it more luck like snakes and ladders or snap?


Whichever game you prefer can you make your own version or put a spin on the current version?




F/LO: To complete a French craft activity


France is famous for its beautiful castles. Have a go at making your own French castle by following the instructions on the link below.





           Mrs Jefcoate's Challenge
Picture 1

Chinese, Arabic, Italian?  My challenge to you this week is to have a go at learning a new language. This website is free and fun! You only have to spend 5 minutes a day on it - have a go! Check with an adult and then click on the link below. Good luck.

Adio, au revoir, auf wiedershen or goodbye.

Mrs Haythornwhite's Challenge

                                               Mrs Bennett's Challenge

For my challenge this week, I would like you to develop your drawing skills on my 25Day Drawing Challenge. Select the task for each day, follow the instruction and get busy drawing.

Don't forget to send your favourite drawing to your teacher.

Good luck and have fun being creative!

Picture 1