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Year 5

If you need to contact Mrs Turner or Mrs Akram please use:


Day 1



Lo: To write descriptive sentences


Read the book extract from Steve Backshall’s ‘Deadly Factbook’. Split an A4 page into 2 and write a descriptive paragraph about your favourite 2 animals. Try to include descriptive words and phrases (pinch but don’t copy from the text) ‘sublime sense of smell’ can be turned into


It’s sublime sense of smell allows the Polar Bear to search out prey over vast distances, such as smelling seal pups hidden in the thick snow.



Lo: To round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000


Go to . Watch the videos and have a go at the challenges. Activity 3 is a lovely one to do with a parent or sibling.



Lo: To investigate the geography of Scotland


Go to and complete the lesson all about Scotland.

Day 2



Lo: To show research in different ways


In today’s lesson you are going to watch TV!:) Go to and choose one of the episodes. Venezuela, South America 2, Gabon Jungle, Ecuador Jungle all focus on our topic. Whilst you watch make notes.


Go to and have a go at the quiz.


Now can you make your own quiz based on what you learnt in the episode?

I have also set a PurpleMash 2do following on from last week’s work on making quizzes.




Lo: To add and subtract 3 digit numbers


Go to . Watch the video and have a go at the activities set.



Lo: To investigate the geography of Wales


Go to . Find out all about the geography of Wales.

Day 3



Lo: To plan a voice over


Read the 2 extracts from books about snakes. As you read through make a note of all the phrases or vocab you think is amazing (you will need this later)

Now watch This is one of my favourite clips from the Planet Earth series. However, something is missing! Whenever there is a wildlife documentary there is usually a voiceover, like here


Can you create your own voiceover for the Iguana vs Snake clip? Try to include lots of facts about snakes using the key words and phrases you have jotted down. Today I would like you to plan it out ready for tomorrow when you will write it (perhaps even perform it!)



Lo: To find mathmatical posibilities


Go to  and complete the lesson and activity. Can you email me with a picture of your answers?



Lo: To investigate the geography of Northern Ireland


Go to to find out all about the geography of Northern Ireland.

Day 4



Lo: To write a voiceover


Following on from yesterday, check your plan or draft and edit and improve it. Now it's time for you to create your final voiceover. Complete your script and read it aloud to someone in your house whilst the video is playing


However, you could also use IMovie to screen record the film and add a voiceover on there. Or get an adult to record you reading out your voiceover (watching the clip so your voiceover fits the events and pauses in the video) and I can put it together with the video on IMovie for you.




Lo: To use negative numbers


Go to and watch the clips (especially the song video:) Have a go at the challenges. You can either print out the sheets of write the answers on a piece of paper. Can you send a picture of them in?




Lo: To investigate the geography of England


Today it's time to find out all about England. Go to

Day 5



Lo: To create a fact file


Based on all you have read so far this week, design your own deadly creature.

This could be a hybrid of your favourite deadly creatures such as a cobra snake and a tiger combined or a completely new creature. What deadly creatures might you find around where you are? What horrors could lurk in your bedroom? Or the bottom of the washing basket or behind your bin?


Give a name for your deadly creature and draw a picture of it – labelling the key ‘deadly’ features around the image.

Write a few sentences to describe your creature explaining why it is so deadly.




Lo: To round decimals


Go to - Week 2 lesson 1

Watch the video and complete the sheet.




Lo: To show your research in different ways.


Based on all the work you have done this week I would like you to show what you have learnt in anyway you want. You could make a poster, write a leaflet, create a non-chron report. You could even create a video travel guide. Whichever you choose make sure you really showcase what you have learnt. Make you to send it in.

Day 6 



Lo: To investigate relative clauses


Go to . Read through the information choose 1 of the 3 activities to complete.


Can you explain to someone in your house what a relative clause is?



Lo: To add decimals within 1


Go to .Go to Summer Term Week 1 and complete Lesson 1.



Lo: To find out about the different states of matter


Over the next 5 days we will be looking at science and the properties of materials.

Today go to and discover what makes a solid, liquid and gas.


Day 7



Lo: To use conjunctions


Go to Watch the videos and have a go at the activities.


Can you now write 3 silly sentences that include one of the conjunctions?



Lo: To subtract decimals 


Go to .Go to Summer Term Week 1 and complete Lesson 2.



Lo: To investigate different materials


Today I would like you to find as many examples in your house of the 3 states of matter. You can either take a picture, draw or list them. Can you find at least 1 tricky example of each?


Day 8



Lo: To use prepositions


Go to . Watch the videos and read the information. Now can you create your own 5 sentences using a different preposition for each? Could you give all 5 sentences a theme?



Lo: To use complements to 1


Go to .Go to Summer Term Week 1 and complete Lesson 3



Lo: To describe changes in materials


Today I would like you to watch (this will take you to a vimeo video, please have an adults ok to do this). Choose one of the processes you see. Now create a flow diagram of the stages the materials go through as they change. Make sure you use scientific language, diagrams and labels.



Day 9






Lo: To add decimals


Go to .Go to Summer Term Week 1 and complete Lesson 4



Lo: To find out about the particles of matter


Go to . Complete the lesson. Make sure you email with 1 surprising thing you learnt.


Day 10



Lo: To 



Lo: To add decimals


Go to .Go to Summer Term Week 2 and complete Lesson 1



Lo: To draw accurately.


Today you will be doing something a little different. Go to . Choose any of the tutorials you see. Can you follow the instructions to create your own illustration? Don't forget to share it with us.