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Rosewood Primary School Believe, Enjoy, Succeed Together - B.E.S.T.


Visions and Values

                                             All working hard to achieve our best.

                                                             B - Believe
                                                             E - Enjoy
                                                             S - Succeed
                                                             T - Together

                                                       We are Rosewood!


We will achieve this through...

 - creating a safe, caring and encouraging atmosphere
 - meeting the needs of all learners
 - enjoying and excelling in all we do
 - teaching and learning that is child friendly and exciting
 - a creative curriculum which focuses on basic skills
 - developing self-confident and independent learners


Our community will create a caring, nurturing school that believes every school member can achieve their potential.


Our community will be confident socially, academically and emotionally, and thrive in a welcoming, secure and challenging learning environment.


Our community will respect, aim high and enjoy being the best we can.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a broad based curriculum which seeks the highest academic standards and which seeks to meet the varying needs of individual pupils.
  • To foster the development of each pupil's skills, knowledge and an enthusiasm.
  • To enable pupils to develop respect for themselves and others in our community.
  • To promote sound and moral values, self-discipline, acceptance of others and spiritual awareness.
  • To maintain and develop an ethos of a caring and friendly school which seeks to provide the best opportunities for each individual to develop his or potential to the full.
We will respect others and agree to our behaviour policy (see our policy page).