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Art Week 2024


Art Week 2024 at Rosewood has been a huge success. Throughout the week, the children across all year groups have showcased their creativity and talent by producing some truly wonderful pieces of art.


The children had the unique opportunity to meet and interact with painters, sculptors, printmakers, and photographers. These interactions have inspired our students in their own artistic creations enriching their understanding and appreciation of art.



Children in EYFS were joined by painter & printmaker artist Julia Ogden.

Children were encouraged to print with found objects – They explored their environment (indoor & outdoors) finding interesting things they could print with. 

Children drew their ideas to create their own sculptures looking carefully at what they had collected. They then made a mini structure from their collections of items.



Year 1 were joined by artist Julia Ogden.

Children used various materials to build and create/construct a 3D piece.

They arranged materials on cardboard circles, making decisions about placement and thinking about where they should put things to ensure the circles are full. Children then painted their sculptures. They then created a collaged version of their sculpture, using coloured paper.



Year 2 were joined by Mrs. Juriansz.

Inspired by the shapes and texture of fish, children used their sketchbooks to record their favourites. They were then able to transition their sketchbook ideas into a 3D clay sculpture.



Year 3 were joined by artist Helen Yates.

Using foam print sheets, rollers and printing trays the children produced some incredible prints. The prints were based on the story Varjak paw.

Children created an image in their sketchbooks they then transferred this image into print form.



Year 4 were joined by sculptor Neil Wood.

Children were introduced to and created their own relief sculptures, based on festival foods. The workshop uses the process of mould making and casting as a means of exploring creativity. Children produced original designs in clay by pressing a range of found or discarded objects into a bed of clay. Designs were then moulded and cast in plaster of Paris.



Year 5 were joined by artist Rosie Moon.

Children were encouraged to produce a sculpture exploring clay and plaster. They incorporated a variety of plants, flowers and objects by pressing them into clay which were then cast into plaster. They used tools to make their own 3D sculptures, and were encouraged to think about form and positive/negative space.



Year 6 were joined by artist Rosie Moon.

Children explored one of the earliest photographic techniques of cyanotype, using found items alongside drawing to create blue and white prints. This is a camera-less technique that uses water as a developer and UV rays to expose the paper. Children learnt different ways of using this process, with a focus on noticing what's around us and how we can use found objects in new ways.

Life Drawing


Sculpture Trail