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Year 2

If you need to contact Miss Clough or Mrs Cunningham please use:

Please email Miss Clough or Mrs Cunningham to get the username and password to log into Oxford Owl. 

Home Learning Grid WC: 30.03.20

Week beginning 30th March 


Monday 30th March 2020 



LO: To read time


In class this week, we would have been learning about time. Try these games:


Using your myMaths login (, complete these activities:

  • Introducing clocks
  • Telling the time
  • Telling the time - quarter to and quarter past


If you are feeling creative, can you create your own clock? This could be using Lego, K'nex, paper or it may be that you decide to decorate a cake!




LO: To plan a story


All of the best stories start with a good plan. We would like you to be thinking of a story which you will write at the end of the week.


Here are some ideas, but you can use your favourite books or films for inspiration too.

Where will your story be set?

  •  Enchanted forest
  •  Abandoned school
  •  A zoo
  • In the deep ocean


Who are your main characters?


What problems will they face in their setting?


How will the problem be solved?


Write your plan in your home learning book.




CLO: To send and receive emails


Your class teachers and TAs are missing you! Can you send an email using your parents/carers email address?


Challenge: Attach a picture of some work – it may even be the clock you made earlier. We would love to hear from you!


Miss Clough and Mrs Cunningham can be emailed on this address:


If you have a message for Miss Ellis and Mrs Haire, we can forward emails to them. It will make their day!



Tuesday 31st March 



LO: To tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes


Use your my maths log in ( and complete, ' Tell the time - to 5 mins'


Try and improve your score from yesterday's games:



LO: To describe your main characters


Draw a line down the centre of a page in your home learning book. Draw a character on each half of the page.


Use the space around your characters to describe the characters’ appearance and personality - using adjectives.




DTLO: To prepare and make a salad.


In class, we have tasted different salads to see which we prefer. I would like you to prepare and make your own salad (or meal) – this can even be a fruit salad. Ask an adult to help you in the kitchen.


Take a picture or draw and label your salad / meal.




Wednesday 1st April 2020


LO: To use addition


Play this game:


Use a piece of scrap paper and cut into 10 pieces. On each piece of paper, write the numbers 0-9. Now create your own 2 digit numbers and add them together, using Base-10 drawings, like we do in class.



Challenge: Can you add three 2 digit numbers together? E.g. 14 + 23 + 76



LO: To create a setting for your story


Complete the 2do on Purple Mash ( titled: Making Phrases Interesting


Look back at your plan from Monday and create your setting. This could be a painting, model or a drawing on paper or Purple Mash.


Challenge: Label your creation. Begin with the nouns (names of objects) and add adjectives.

(Remember we would love to see your work, email as often as you like!)



DTLO: To evaluate my own salad


Answer these questions in your home learning book about your salad/meal that you made yesterday.

What did you like best?

How would you improve it?

What did you not like?

Would you recommend it to a friend?


This can be completed using Purple Mash: ( Use the 2Do titled: 'What I have learned'.



Thursday 2nd April



LO: To use subtraction


Play Number Bond Bubbles on Purple Mash: It has been set as a 2Do. 


Using the digit cards you made yesterday, create subtraction number sentences. Remember the biggest number will need to go at the beginning.

Eg. 72 – 13 (You may need to exchange a Ten, for 10 ones.)


There is also work set on MyMaths - if you have already completed this activity, your mission is to improve your score. 



LO: To write the opening, build up and problem of a story.


You should now have a good idea of what will happen in your story.

Begin to write, making sure your sentences are the best that they can be.


For each part, we expect 5-10 sentences.


Remember to describe your characters, setting and problem in great detail.


There is a fantastic story writing tool on Purple Mash, should you choose to publish your writing online. It is called '2create a Story' and is in your 2do list. 


Alternatively, you can use your home learning book. 


RE LO: To create an Easter Card showing new life.


It is very close to Easter – make a card using paper and craft material. Think of all the new plants and animals starting their life, try and include one of these living things on your Easter card along with a caring message. 


There is some Easter Egg symmetry on Purple Mash too:



Friday 27th March 



LO: To revise multiplication facts 


Draw your own multiplication flower, like the one below.




















On the outside petals, write the answer to the calculation. In year 2, you should know your 2,5 and 10 times tables. Some of you already know your 3's and 4's too!



LO: To write the resolution and ending of a story


Today you are going to finish your story.

Start by reading your writing so far and improving what you have done.

Think of how the problem will be solved and how the story will finish.


Challenge: Share your story with your class teacher.


Email it to them using or if you have used '2create a Story' on Purple Mash - hand it in. 



PE LO: To develop the skill of catching


Using any ball (a ball of socks will work too), count how many times you can throw it into the air and catch. Repeat 10 times – how has your score improved?

Record your scores in your home learning book.


Challenge: Bounce the ball off a wall or catch and throw with one hand.


Ask a parent/carer to record you completing the challenge and send it to your teacher.