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Year 2

If you need to contact Miss Clough or Mrs Cunningham please use:




This is a great book which encourages children to notice and celebrate differences in people.

If you decide to complete some activities (found at the back of the book),  don't forget to email your pictures! 



Miss Clough’s life in lockdown.

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Home Learning


Make sure you head over to the phonics area of our website to join in with online phonic lessons with Mrs Farrar.


Just choose a different video clip each day. 

Week beginning 13th July 2020

The most recent home-learning grid can be found below. These activities do not rely on technology - simply view on your mobile phone and take a screenshot. 



Monday 13th July


LO: To make a number.


This week your number is 68









Red words are words which we use a lot but can be tricky to spell. They can not be sounded out because they break the phonetic rules! Watch and join in with Mrs Farrar's red words lesson 2:


LO: To complete a reading challenge.

Choose a challenge from the stars below. You may want to complete more than one. Remember to take photographs of yourself completing the challenges and send them to your teacher. Remember, there is a prize for children who complete the whole challenge (all 8 stars).

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do them all in one day – this is an ongoing challenge!






PELO: To create and complete an obstacle course.

Due to school being closed to the majority of children since March, we have missed out on our annual sports day. So, we thought it would be nice for you to set up your own obstacle course at home, like the ones we do on sports day. You might set up a throwing station, a running station and a jumping station. It is totally up to yourself.

You could use washing baskets and toys to create your obstacle course like the one below.






Tuesday 14th July



LO: To measure weight using g. 


Follow the recipe on the link below, weighing out your ingredients carefully.

For a 'no bake' alternative, follow the link below.






LO: To write a letter.

Your job for today is to write a letter to the year 1 children who are coming into year 2 in September telling them all about what year 2 is like. You might want to tell them about the learning or about a certain topic that you have enjoyed. You could also give them some top tips! Think about what you wanted to know about year 2 before you moved up.

Don’t forget to start your letter with ‘Dear ______’ and end it with ‘Yours sincerely (your name).’

You could use the letter template below.

PSHELO: To recognise my own achievements.

You all have lots of amazing achievements this year! Today we would like you to think about everything you have achieved this year and choose the thing that you are most proud of. It could be something you have done or learnt at school or it might be a new skill or hobby you have learnt outside out school but it must be something you have achieved since being in year two.


Draw a picture to describe your greatest achievement this year and write a sentence to explain what it is.

Wednesday 15th July



LO: To revise number and place value and fractions. 


Follow the link to the Karate Cats challenges. First, we would like you to select ‘number and place value’ as the topic to practice. When you have done this, go back to the original menu and select the fractions option.





LO: To generate questions.

After having your transition zoom meeting with your new teacher, think about some questions you may want to ask some of the current year 3’s about moving into KS2.

Don’t forget to use ? when writing your questions.




PSHELO: To recognise the achievements of others.

Yesterday, we thought about our own achievements from this year and today we are going to think about the achievement of others. Choose one friend from our class who has achieved something this year that you think they should be proud of. It could be something they have been really good at or it could be something they have done for someone that makes them a good friend. Below is a template of a blank certificate that we would like you to complete for a friend.
Don’t forget to send picture to your teacher so that we can share these on the website and you might see a certificate that someone has written for you for an achievement they have recognised for you this year.






Thursday 16th July 



LO: To revise shape and position and direction. 


Like yesterday, follow the link to the Karate Cats challenges but today we would like you to select ‘shapes’ as the first topic to practice. When you have done this, select the ‘position and direction’ option.



LO: To use adjectives.

Think about one of your friends and draw a picture of them. When you have drawn your picture, write a description of your friend using powerful adjectives (describing words).





PELO: To complete Miss Roxby's challenge.

Follow the link below and choose any one of Miss Roxby’s challenges to complete.

Friday 17th July 



LO: To revise addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x) and division (÷).

Follow the Karate Cats link below and select ‘addition and subtraction’ first. When you have completed this, select multiplication and division to practice.


LO: To use adverbs.

Watch and listen to the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers, on the link below.


When you have listened to the story, retell the story in your own words using exciting adverbs.


Here is an example of what you may use as your first sentence;

The boy stared admiringly at the bright stars because he loves them.

PSHELO: To understand responsibilities.

As you get older, you will need to take responsibility for more things. Ask your grown up at home to give you 3 jobs to do today which will help at home. One of them could be to tidy your bedroom, as this is your space and is your responsibility.




We love hearing from you and seeing your fantastic work, so please make sure you email as often as you like.