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SEND Support


If your child has an identified educational need and requires additional support to access their learning, then this page will offer the support you need. 


If you need any of the tasks/activities adapting for your child you can contact Mrs Flynn Senco school contact number: 01282 216184 / Email -


I am available to offer any support, advice and guidance - Please contact me if you would like any specific information to support you and your child during this difficult time. 


Thank you & Take Care 



Supporting your child's Emotional Health & Well-being - Strategies, links and Support

FIND - Newsletter - Summer Term (Family Information Network Directory - Lancashire)

Social Stories - Updated

These additional social stories may be used in light of potential school opening for some children & to prepare children for the changes they may see around them - such as, getting a haircut / going to the doctors/ greeting people / visiting shops and families. 

For further support to support your child's return to school, please click here to access our 'returning to school' resource page.

Useful website links:- 
Government information / Local Authority Information
Autism & Learning Disability Support

Behaviour Strategies to use at home - ASD/Sensory Processing

Autism Support - Visuals for Home Learning

PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System - Symbols to download

Daily Schedule - Morning / Afternoon (Please let Mrs Flynn know if you need it set out with any more boxes)

Regulation & Sensory Needs

Self Regulation Techniques

Sensory Play Activities - (Autism Bedforshire)

Sensory Motor Skills Circuits (CYPS Cambridgeshire)

Speech & Language 

Speech Blog - Useful websites and resources

Helping children who have unclear speech

Communication and Understanding

Communication Cook Book - Supporting children to develop speech and communication skills

Early Level Speech & Language - Home Activities - (North Lanarkshire Council)

First Level Speech & Language - Home Activities - (North Lanarkshire Council)

Second Level Speech & Language Activities

Working on basic language / concepts with children

Barrier Games

Expressive Language Support / Activities

Conversation Starter Cards - Can be used for all ages & adapted

Different ways we follow verbal direction - ideas to support development

Supporting children to understand and answer 'HOW' questions / structuring answers

Story Books & Social Stories for Children: Various ages / SEND needs
Talking about Covid-19 with children: 

Story about Coronavirus - Younger Children can listen to a story about Nurse Dotty and Dave the Dog

EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing. You will be finding a...

Learning British Sign Language with Children

Learn Beginners British Sign Language (BSL) - Lesson One.

Join Natasha Lamb and Kelly-Ann for Episode One of a brand new series teaching beginners British Sign Language (BSL).

Keeping active / Occupational Therapy Ideas

Developing Core Strength - exercises for children (Occupational Therapy)

Fine Motor Development

Fine Motor Development - Playdough Recipe

Mental Health, Wellbeing & Being Mindful

Weekly sheet for children to complete

NSPCC information / support

Mindfulness - Learning from home

General SEND resources : Links to Educational Resource Websites

30 Day Lego Challenge!