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The Children at Rosewood Nursery have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year! They have been busy trying new foods ( Yummmy), Making our own Dragons, looking and describing patterns in writing and chinese art and having a go with Chop-sticks!

Brrrr! The children at Rosewood Nursery are beginning to feel a little chilly! So far we have been talking about all the different animals that live in the coldest places on earth. Watch out for the Polar Bears! GRRRRR!

Lets Grow Project.

The children have been making their own vegetable babies using modelling clay. The looked closely at images and real life vegetables to make their own vegetables. We then placed them in little pots to display on the wall. 

Author Visit

Author Phil Walker visited our EYFS children today to read them his amazing story called 'The Snots'. It was a wonderful experience and the children found the story hilarious! It was about a family of boggies and their journey inside the human body. Phil was a brilliant story teller and the children listened attentively to him as he told the story. We all thought his use of voices for the characters was magnificent! 




The dinosaurs were starting to look a bit grubby and very tired after their busy few weeks in nursery.

Some of the children suggested we give them a bath. This got us thinking about babies and how babies need to be bathed, fed and looked after. Soon our interests turned to babies and our families. We will be following this new interest into next week.

Caring for babies (& dinosaurs)

Nursery - 8/5/19 - The Dino Cafe is open for business :)

The children created a dinosaur cafe in our mud kitchen. They did lots of mark making and pre-literate writing; writing menues, recipes and taking orders! The carnivores only wanted meat... sometimes the children's AHHHH.

Come and have a look at our wonderful display with all the incredible mark making on.

Our trip to Brockholes - RS


We had an amazing time on our school trip to Brockholes Nature Reserve. We had the chance to explore the forest and find mini beasts, as well as creating pictures using lots of different natural materials. There were some familiar characters in the forest, can you spot them?

Reception - Week 1 and 2


Over the past two weeks we have been learning all about the life cycle of frogs and plants. Our topic book has been 'Jack and the Beanstalk', so the children have been retelling the story in lots of ways, they have planted their own magic beans that Jack delivered for us and are hoping to climb up their beanstalks to find the Giant.

We also had a visit from 'Hoola' our veg baby, who had been travelling with her friends on different forms of transport and visiting lots of different places. We talked about the different journeys the children take on their way to school and drew maps with different features that they pass along the way!

St Georges Day - Provision and Activities

Nursery - 29th April


We have had a ROARsome time in nursery this week. Our newer children have all settled in beautifully and they are making lovely new friends.

We have learnt a lot about our dinosaur friends too. Some are HERBivores (so they only eat plants) and some are CARNivores (so they eat meat... ahh.....). Lukily though, they are all EXTINCT!

We have made dinosaur food in our mud kitchen, boobie traps and castles in our construction area and we've been on a dinosaur hunt!

Take a look through some of the photographs to see how busy we are!

Having a ROARsome time in nursery


23rd April



Welcome back, I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter break.

This week, we are joined by a new cohort of children in our lovely nursery. I know you will join me in extending the warmest of welcomes.


Whilst you have been off, dinosaurs have taken over our classroom! There are T-Rexs, Triceroptops, Stegosauruses, Velociraptors, Pterosaurs..... we will have to work really hard to learn all of these new words.


We will be learning all about them in nursery, take a look at our photographs to see what we have been doing so far.

Nursery - 3rd April

Bunny Hop


The children completed their Charity Bunny Hop today. It was very tricky to hop alllll the way down the hill, but they DID IT!!! The children raised over £80 for Pendleside Hospice. How fantastic!!!


29-3-19 - Mother's Day Breakfast

It was a beautiful morning for our Mother's Day Breakfast in Nursery.

nursery children were joined by Mums, Aunties, Grandma's, Nans and their brothers and sisters to enjoy fruit, pancakes and croissant. They shared stories together and  relaxed over a warm drink and a full tummy.

All the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves:


"That was just lovely, thank you"

"What a nice thing to do, thank you"

"I have had the most special morning, thank you so much for putting on a lovely breakfast"

"Look at my place name. He's written 'mummy', can I keep it, this is so special"


Thank you all for joining us. We will have to pencil another breakfast in very soon!


26-3-19 - Nursery - There's a Volcano

The children have used their imagination a lot this week. They built a volcano, which was pouring out lava! They used the building blocks to make a bridge across the hot lava so they could keep safe! It was very scary, but we all survived!!!! Great teamwork nursery!
The children have been learning about different vegetables and healthy food. As part of their own planning, they had asked to make some vegetable soup. As always, we follow the children's lead and they even came up with their own list of ingredients for the soup. After peeling, chopping, slicing and dicing, the children combined all their ingredients into the slow cooking pot along with water and vegetable stock. We then waited ALL DAY as the smells of the soup filled the room. At the end of the day it was ready. We looked at the consistency of the soup and made three different pots - one with chunks of vegetables in, one that had been mashed with a masher and the final one, which had been blended with an electric blender so make is smooth. We talked about the differences and each child decided which they would like to try.and we all tucked into our own little pot of soup. It was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We even learnt about how electricity was needed to power the cooker and the electric blender. 

Interfaith Week - 25.03.19 - 29.03.19

This week, our reception children have enjoyed finding out about two different faiths and learnt about two key celebtrations. 

The first was 'Christianity' where we focussed on the main beliefs, place of worship, religious symbols, holy book and explored the Easter Story. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a local Christian leader, who inspired our children through looking at resources, telling stories and playing games.

Our other focus religion was Hinduism. We had a visitor from this faith and she brought a wealth of resources for the children to explore. We listened to stories, learnt how to pray to the many different gods, enjoyed a traditional Hindu dance to music and we even had the opportunity for the children to get dressed in traditional clothes. The celebration we learnt about was 'Holi' which is celebrated at the start of spring. 

Take a look at some of the photographs...we have had such a lovely week! 



Nursery - Stay & Play - WB - 18/3/19

Thank you to all the parents who came to join us for our Stay & Play sessions and Pupil Progress meetings. It was lovely seeing so many of you "getting stuck in" with all the activities available and helping your children blossom at nursery. By working together, we can ensure your child's learning journey is a successful one :)

Parent Stay & Play Nursery

Nursery - Under the Sea


This week we dived off the pirateship and explored the deep, dark oceans.

We learnt a lot of new vocabulary: ocean, waves, coral, fish, shark, whale, crab, octopus, squid, ray fish, hammer head shark, star fish, clown fish..... the list goes on and on. The child have just adored learning about the depths of the deep, blue sea.

We drew and painted our favourite sea creatures (looking closely at details and mixing the correct colours), sorted sea creatures by size, colour, number of legs/tenticles and explored how we could move like different animals (did you know crabs move sideways?? and some sharks HAVE to keep moving forwards otherwise they will die? well we now do!!!)

Take a look at our photographs and see all the wonderful learning that took place!

 Over the last couple of weeks, we have been reading stories that have vegetables in them. We started off with the Supertato series and ended with Olivers Vegetables. The children have explored many different types of vegetables and this work will continue after the Easter Holidays - as we will be planting and growing our own. The children have asked if they can make and eat vegetable soup - so watch this space!!! We are also taking part in a pilot project called 'vegetable babies' and this has enabled us to developed different skills with the children through the use of vegetables as babies. We have been taking care of them, nurtuting them, learning about them and what type of vegetable they are. 


7-3-19 - World Book Day

We had a wonderful day on World Book day. The children all looked fabulous dressed as their favourite characters, we shared lots of their stories and watched a wonderful performance of the Gruffalo (all the characters came to act it out for us!!!!!)

Have a look at the fabulous photographs and come into class to see our beautiful art work too.

World Book Day


5-3-19 - Nursery

A parent has brought in something very unusual....... They found it in their pond. We had a good look at it and we talked about what we thought it might be!!!


"It's a snake"

" It looks like ice"

"It's eyes" (I hope not!!!!)

"It's a crocodile because it's in water"


Do you know what it is????

27-2-19 - Nursery

Nursery was taken over by PIRATES!!!!!!

Welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful half term break.

Unfortunately, in your absence, Pirates have taken over our nursery!!!!!

They will be training up all the nursery children to be their Pirate apprentices and teaching them how to hunt for treasure!

This week, the learnt how to build a Pirate ship and how to make trasure maps.... whatever next?!? Keep an eye on the website to see what other mischief the Pirates cause!

Oohhh Ahhh!!!!!!!

Nursery - Elmer

Recently, we have learnt a lot about colours, how colours change when we mix them, how we can create different shades using white and exploring how we can create different effects by painting on different materials or with different objects.

We adored our story about Elmer the multicoloured elephant so we wanted to create our own. We looked at the interesting paintings by Mondrian and used a ruller to create lines and boxes which could enclose a space and be filled with colours.

Our finished products looks AMAZING!!! Come in and have a look!

Elmer meets Mondrian

Nursery - Chinese New Year

We celebrated the Chinese new year by exploring Chinese traditions and dellllicious Chinese food. We all tried out best to use chop sticks to eat with, just like in our story 'Cleversticks'. One of our little boys was extremely good at using chopsticks because he uses them a lot at home, so he taught us how to do it properly - the trick is.... you need to pick up your bowl so you dont have to pick your food up too high.

Chinese Fun in Nursery

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Over the last two days, we have been exploring Chinese New Year through a variety of different resources and activities. The children have enjoyed making their own Chinese tea using an authentic tea set, they have made and eaten some Chinese food, dressed up in traditional costumes, made dragon masks, learnt how to write numbers and letters, manipulated chopsticks to pick up different sized objects and had access to a suitcase filled with authentic resources all the way from China! We have also listened to Chinese music, watched live celebrations and learnt about the story of the great race which teaches the children about the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. What an amazing two days we have had.

Bee-Bot Fun! Today the children asked if they could make a 'map of roads' for the bee-bots. Several children used a large roll of paper to draw roads for the robots to travel along. They talked about road signs and roundabouts. We will enhance this idea over the next week and provide the children with pictures and materials to develop their ideas.

Nursery - There's SNOW! First thing this morning, we wrapped up warm and ventured into the cold to explore the snow and frost. We had a great time collecting snow, looking at footprints (ours and other animals), making marks in the snow and looking closely at frosty spider's webs. One of our inquisitive little explorers brought some snow in to the classroom and we observed and monitored how long it took to melt. We tried to freeze the water again, in the freezer..... We will have to wait until tomorrow for the results.

Taking care of the birds - Following our winter project, the children were aware that in Winter and cold weather, the birds find it hard to find food and water. They asked if we could help the birds that visit our outside area and make them bird feeders to hang in the trees. We researched how to make them and made lists of the ingredients we needed to buy. The children were extremely happy with their finished feeders and enjoyed watching the local birds feast on them. We done to the children!

Snow Day - Today we had lots of fun in the snow. We explored many different concepts and used our imaginations to make snowmen, snow castles, snow foxes and much more. We compared sizes of snowballs, measured the heights of them, used sticks and other loose parts to make pictures and patterns, made a cake shop and played pirates in an ocean of snow! We spent an hour playing outside and were all ready to get back inside to get warm again. We enjoyed having our hot chocolate and marshmallows treat!

Nursery - We have been learning all about shapes this week. We have created pictures using different shapes, we have been on a shape hunt around our classroom and the outdoors and we have tried lots of foods which are shapes we recognise (like circular crumpets and square crackers..... Mrs Rice's favourite was the circle pancakes, yummy).

Nursery - Winnie the Pooh Day - We celebrated Winnie the Pooh day by sharing stories about Winnie the Pooh, colouring in pictures, painting masks and tasting honey (Mmm....). We all wore Red and Yellow too. Don't we look fantastic!

Voting for books - in our reception classes, we develop a love of books through reading and exploring stories with the children. In addition to having a book focus each week we have a daily book voting system in place, where the children vote each morning for the story they want to hear at the end of the day. It's a wonderful way of encouraging the children to appreciate how special reading is. It gives the children ownership and opens up discussions about why they may have chosen a specific book. This week our favourite winning book was a 'shine a light' book where you had to shine a torch through the pages to reveal the hidden animals in their winter habitats. Following the story, the children took the book into the provision with a torch and black blanket and enjoyed reading it in the dark!

Exploring weight and capacity! The children have been engaged and developed many different skills through this provocation! We have enhanced it this week by adding different materials and recorded the children using lots of mathematical language in their play.

Outdoor activities - At Rosewood the children have access to the outdoor provision throughout the day. The areas of leaning and opportunities lend themselves to the great outdoors and we take ideas from children's interests, next steps and needs.

Nursery - NOT a stick!!!! We read the story 'NOT A STICK' to get our imaginations flowing. We turned our sticks in to paint brushes, microphones, fishing rods, dogs, snowmen arms and much, much more. We even use sticks in our maths by comparing sizes, counting and making shapes.

Self Serve Painting Station - The children have shown an interest in colour mixing and so we have created a self-serve painting area. The children are able to independently select the colours they wish to use and can follow the step by step instructions to mix their desired colours. We are encouraging the children to wash their own tools and palettes afterwards.

Nursery - We're going on a BEAR hunt! We have had lots of fun this week, exploring different media, materials, techniques and mark making opportunities. We learnt the story and went on our own REAL LIFE BEAR HUNT. Luckily, the only bear we found was a teddy bear.

Nursery - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to all of our lovely children and an even bigger welcome to all of our new children!

MissWright has left us for the year whilst she enjoys maternity leave with her 2 boys. We wish her all the best and we can't wait for her to visit us with her new baby when he has been born!

Mrs Rice will be our teacher until Christmas (she is extremely excited to join us)!


Gruffalo mask making - The children have been acting out the Gruffalo story and made their own masks. We had a visit off the Mouse from the book and the children have been asked to help the mouse family by making them a warm house for the cold winter months! The children were captivated by the Mouse visit and asked lots of interesting questions.

RF - Following our Gruffalo story focus, the children voted for their favourite recipe! They had a choice of owl ice-cream, Gruffalo crumble, roasted fox and mouse sandwich. The winning recipe was Owl ice-cream and the children thoroughly enjoyed making them! Afterwards, we completed a review sheet and the children talked about whether they liked or disliked the taste.

The children enjoyed their Gruffalo hunt in the deep, dark woods!

We have been reading the story - The Gruffalo. The children have been designing their own meals to be served in our Gruffalo Café. We looked at different meals that could be found in the deep, dark woods and voted on which meal we could make in school. The most popular choice was toadstool pizzas.

Stick Man - This is a fantastic story and is Mrs Flynn's favourite children's book. We explored the story, wrote our own versions, made stick families, visited the forest to find the family tree, collected, measured and compared sticks and used our imagination to use sticks for lots of different things. Take a look at the photographs of our children having fun through the story and characters!

Halloween in RF - provision and activities

Autumn walk in the woodland - the children explored the woodland area to find signs of the season. The leaves had fallen off the trees, we found lots of acorns on the ground and a few hidden minibeasts sheltered under logs! We collected a basket full of sticks, leaves, moss and acorns to use in the classroom.