Rosewood Primary School Believe, Enjoy, Succeed Together - B.E.S.T.


School Council

Who is on the council?

There is one elected member from each class in Key Stage 1 and 2. Each councillor has their photo on the notice board, and door to their classroom. Badges are awarded to be worn on the school uniform. 


How many members of staff are on the School Council?

Miss Faulkner coordinates the school council meetings and activities, liaising with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team. 

How is the council elected?

Any pupil may stand for election by making a written manifesto as to why they would be a good councillor for their class. They are asked to make a speech to their class. For younger children, this can be an informal discussion. The representative is determined by a class blind vote on ballot papers. The results are counted and announced to the whole school. In the event of a councillor behaving inappropriately they may be struck off and a replacement councillor elected. 

How often does the council meet? 
A meeting is held once a month, usually on the first Tuesday of each month which all councillors attend, There is an agenda and minutes are taken and shared with the Head Teacher and SLT.


What sort of issues does the council discuss?

The agenda is drawn up by the Head Teacher. The council is given a high profile by inclusion in decision making about issues such as deciding their own charities, such as Salvation Army.  The council organise and coordinate stalls at school events. 

How are the results of school council meetings fed back to the rest of the school?

Each representative feeds back to their class with minutes to be displayed on the school council noticed board. 

Future events


Local residents are angered by the amount of litter on the streets. We will be drafting letters and emails in the hope of receiving the correct equipment and training, ready for a litter pick towards the end of the term. 

Councillor Chamberlain has an ongoing project which aims to improve the park close to school. It is constantly being vandalised. This is making it a very unsafe place to play. He has asked the children of Rosewood to assist - we await further instruction. 




Previous events

The School Council worked closely with local councillor, Phillip Chamberlain, to run a very successful Road Safety Campaign. They received more than 70 entries and finally voted on a winner, Amelia W in 6W. She was presented with a chocolate hamper from Cllr. Chamberlain. All children who entered have received a small gift, and many of the posters will be used to combat dangerous driving and parking around school. 

Thank you to everyone who entered - together we will make the roads a safer place. 

The School Council.

This year the school council have worked together to help the less fortunate over the festive period. They have all worked extremely hard to gather essential products and treats to help the homeless and have created an amazing amount of Blessing Boxes. Some of the children then delivered these to The Salvation Army for them to distribute. 


We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated something for this cause.