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School Council

Who is on the council?

There is one elected member from each class in Key Stage 1 and 2. Each councillor has their photo on the notice board, and door to their classroom. Badges are awarded to be worn on the school uniform. 

Our School Councillors


How many members of staff are on the School Council?

Mrs Juriansz coordinates the school council meetings and activities, liaising with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team. 

How is the council elected?

Any pupil may stand for election by making a written manifesto as to why they would be a good councillor for their class. They are asked to make a speech to their class. For younger children, this can be an informal discussion. The representative is determined by a class blind vote on ballot papers. The results are counted and announced to the whole school. 

How often does the council meet? 
A meeting is held fortnightly or weekly depending on the agenda at the time. The councillors meet on a Tuesday lunch time. There is an agenda and minutes are taken and shared with the Head Teacher and SLT.


What sort of issues does the council discuss?

The agenda is drawn up by the councillors after discussions with their class as to any issues that children would like addressing. The ‘suggestions box’ is also looked at and any issues discussed.The council is very involved in decision making and being a ‘voice’ for the children of our school. They organise and coordinate stalls at school events and regularly visit places in our local community, such as the local care homes. 

How are the results of school council meetings fed back to the rest of the school?

Each representative feeds back to their class after the school council meeting. 

Future events

Mrs Ditchburn Hughes attended a meeting last half term to discuss playground toys and equipment. The school council offered lots of ideas which are still under consideration and planning, but should  be implemented this school year.


The school council will be making a video to outline safe parking outside school. Hopefully there will be more considerate parking and less congestion.

17th -23rd January is the Big Energy Saving week.

School council will make their class aware of this and discuss ways of saving energy. 
Later on in the year, we will celebrate Earth Day and organise a whole activity under the theme ‘Planet vs. Plastics.’ We will look at how we can improve our recycling at school and go out litter picking in the local area.



What’s happened so far this year?

Autumn Term 2023


Harvest 2023

In October, we made harvest fruit boxes and delivered them to local care homes. They were delighted to receive them as we were to give them.

School Council also ran a creative Harvest art competition. We had some amazing entries, thankyou to everyone who contributed!


Rosewood Remembers 2023

In November, the school council organised a whole school display of poppies created by each class for the entrance display in remembrance of all those involved in war.

We also created our own poppies from recycled materials and took them down to Burnley Charter Walk to be used in a remembrance display in the new sensory area.


Christmas Dinner 2023

The school council asked their class to vote for their preferred Christmas dinner. A party box won the vote over a roast! Thankyou to our kitchen staff for making a very enjoyable Christmas dinner!

Christmas Market 2023

School council did a super job of reminding the children in their class to collect toys for a toy stall at the annual Christmas market. A huge thank you for everyone’s contributions, we raised £140 for school!

We also made a Christmas target game that children of all ages enjoyed.



Spring Term 2024

The new year got off to a good start when the School Council's first request from the children was to find out where the custard had gone at lunchtimes! The councillors had been asked by several children, "Where has the custard gone?" 

Thankfully, after reporting this to the kitchen staff, custard is back on the menu and there are many happy children and staff!

Tree Planting 

We did our bit for the environment when we went tree planting at the beginning of March. Greenspace, from Burnley Council collected us on their minibus and we went to Barclay Hills near Rossendale Road and planted lots of tree saplings. 

Thankyou to Neil for giving us tips on how to plant them. A great, muddy time was had by all!

To celebrate Easter and get out into the community once more we went to Rossendale Care Home to share some Easter crafts with the residents. We painted some decorations, coloured and made an Easter garden. Everyone enjoyed it! The residents enjoyed chatting to the children and we enjoyed receiving a cream egg and ice lolly!