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Can you take part in our school Reading Challenge?

You can go to the Reading section of the Home Learning page to see photos of your friends who have completed some of the challenges. 




The activities we are providing for the children are differentiated. 

1. Mild 

2. Medium 

3. Hot


Please choose an appropriate level for your children. If you need any support deciding which activity your child should be doing please don't hesitate to email us. 


Please choose 1 Literacy activity, 1 Maths activity and 1 topic based activity each school day. There are additional activities that you can complete with your child, should you wish to.


If your child is in Pink group for phonics (email the teachers if unsure) please head over to the phonics area and watch Miss Farrar's speed sound videos . The children should already know these special friends, if they struggle on a sound use that as a focus for your week. 

If your child is in Red or Purple group for phonics (email the teachers if unsure) please head over to the phonics section on the website. Watch Mrs Farrar's speed sound video for; ay, ee, igh, oo, oo. The children should already know these special friends. 

Try speedy reading these words. They should be able to 'Fred in their head'

Please go on the reading section on the Home Learning page to find daily phonics lessons. There are also lots of ebooks that are an appropriate level for your children on ...


Please email the teachers for a log in. 

Look at all these ebooks!

If your child is taught by Miss Insley for phonics (email the teachers if unsure) please watch Mrs Farrar's phonics video for ir (whirl & twirl) and recap the special friends air, or, ay, ar, ee, igh, ow, oo (look at a book) and oo (poo at the zoo).


Ask your grown up to say a word, then build that word using magnetic or wooden letters, or letters written on paper. Next write the word. You could use paper and a pencil, a whiteboard and a pen or you could use feathers, grass, paintbrushes and paint.

If you are in Miss Hensby's phonics group, please practise all of your special friends. Miss Hensby says please make sure you recap all single letter sounds and practise any sounds that you don't know every day.

Go on Phonics Bloom and play Fishy Phonics phase 2 (sounds 1-3, easy).

Miss Hensby and Miss Insley would like both of their phonics groups to go on Oxford Owl and read these new e-books.

Miss Hensby's group - please read Sound Blending 1. You can move onto 6, 7 & 8 when you know all of your special friends.

Miss Insley's group - please read Sound Blending 6 and work up when you are ready.

Monday 13th July 2020


Watch and enjoy The Snail and the Whale animation here: he-snail-and-the-whale

You may wish to watch this in sections, pausing at moments to discuss events and make predictions about what might happen next! Key moments to pause might be 3:49 mins, 4:55 mins, 15:39 mins, 16:37 mins, 20:30 mins. Enjoy a reading of the story here:

Which version do you prefer and why? Now that you have watched the film and listened to a reading of the book, can you retell the story to another person in your household? You can use time words such as first, next, later, after that, and finally to help you.


Can you complete these number of the week activities?

Snail Craft

Can you make a snail? There are lots of ideas of the internet, or maybe you could make one using wool and card. 

Tuesday 14th July 2020


Talk about what you know about the snail and the whale in the story, e.g. The snail is tiny and it has an itchy foot. The whale sang a song to the snail. Listen to the story or watch again if you like, to find out more. Ask your child to draw a picture of the snail and the whale and use their phonics to help label them. If your child is able to, write a sentence (or two) about the snail and the whale. Encourage them to rehearse their sentence out loud first, to count the words, and to use their phonics to help them write their sentence(s) down. Make sure you go back to re-read your sentence(s) together.


Three in a Row

Shuffle the digit cards (1-20) and lay them face down.


Player 1 turns one of the cards over and puts it on the number line in the correct place using a colour pen or pencil.


Player 2 then has their turn, with their coloured pen or pencil, they put their number on the number line.


The winner is the first player to have three of their coloured numbers in a row (without a number of the other colour in between).



Snail facts
Can you find out two true facts about snails, and one false fact? Test your family and friends to see if they can guess which ones are true and which are false!


Wednesday 15th July 2020


Find out all about humpback whales here: Humpback Whale – Animals for Kids

Now that you are an expert, tell someone else in your household some facts about the humpback whale! Perhaps you could write some facts down in sentences, using your phonics to help. Watch this clip where the TV presenter is taken by surprise: Steve gets a surprise from a humpback whale

Find out all about snails here: Snails for Kids

You may remember this clip from the Big Bad Bugs unit earlier in the term! Can you recall some of the key facts about snails? Here is another link to learn more about snails: Are you a snail?




Whale Art

Can you make an egg carton whale?

Thursday 16th July 2020


Re-watch The Snail and the Whale, this time pausing the film to discuss some of the images. Use prompts such as What can you see? Encourage your child to identify things they can see in the picture – whether it is referenced in the text or not! E.g. seagulls, lighthouse, anchor. You can encourage your child to expand on their response by using the prompt, Tell me more… This is a great way to develop vocabulary and support discussion. You may wish to pause and play I spy, e.g. I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with … Perhaps you could make a list of all the different animals you can ‘spy’ throughout the film – there are lots! Use your phonics to help you write them down.


Numbers in a row

Place 1-20 card face down. Player 1 turns over a card and put it in the correct place in the grid below. 


Player 2 then turns over a card and puts it in the grid. 


The winner in the first person to complete a row. 



Whale Quiz

Can you complete this whale quiz?


Friday 3rd July 2020


Write the following words out on sticky notes using enlarged clear print (one word per sticky note) – soot, foot, rock, dock, sail, snail, foot, put, long, song, land, sand, fins, grins. (Note: these words have been deliberately chosen as it is likely these sounds will have already been covered in your child’s phonics teaching). You are now going to play a rhyming game using these words, but first your child will have to build and blend them to read! How to play: Place your sticky notes on a surface in front of you, with the words facing down. Ask your child to pick two sticky notes and turn them over. Encourage them to build and blend to read the words aloud. Do the words rhyme? Say them out loud together several times. (Don’t be alarmed if your child struggles to hear the rhyme!) If they do rhyme, your child can keep the sticky notes. If they don’t rhyme, replace the sticky notes and swap turns. The winner is the player who can collect the most rhyming pairs!


Snail Race

Choose a colour snail. Roll a dice and place that many counters on the grid. Ask questions such as ‘who has more?’ and ‘how many more do you need?’



Your best day at Rosewood so far!
We would like you to draw, paint, collage, write or make a model to show your favourite thing about being at Rosewood so far! Please send us photos of your creations! 

Come and watch Miss Insley’s film and learn about dragonflies.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Hello! It’s Miss Insley here! I have made a video so that you can see some of the things I have been doing at home. It would be great to see videos of the things you have been doing, too!

ChatterKid Challenge

Still image for this video
Miss Insley has made a Chatterpix for you. Can you make one and send it to Miss Insley?


Miss Hensby would like you to do an ice painting.


Miss Conway has set you a challenge! Can you make an I-Spy bag? You could use a clear pencil case or a food bag.

Miss Dodd has set you a new challenge!

Can you practise your letters and numbers?

How many can you do?

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