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A Guide to Read Write Inc

This is a video from Rosewood Primary School to help our parents understand how we teach reading and phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Day 1


Read or watch “The Gruffalo.” (You can watch this on YouTube or BBC iPlayer.)


Board Games

Play one of your favourite board games that involve using a dice. My favourite is Snakes and Ladders. Try using 2 dice and adding to total on your move.


Floating and sinking

Gather some items from around the house (cork, sponge, metal spoon, empty margarine tub, coin etc). Part-fill a bucket, the sink or bath with water. Test which objects float and which sink. Can you draw a picture of which things float and which sink?

Day 2


Re-read or watch “The Gruffalo.” Talk about your favourite part of the story. Can you draw a picture to show which scene you like best?


Nature Hunt

Go on a hunt in your garden or local area. Take a bag and collect some special items. When you get home sort the objects into piles. For example pine cones, leaves, acorns. How many of each object did you find? What did you find the most/least of?


Will it dissolve?

Get several clear containers eg plastic cups and part-fll them with water. You will also need sugar, salt, oil, food colouring, rice, flour, and any other items you have at home that you would like to test. Before you drop a little of each item into the water, try to guess whether you think it will dissolve or not. Can you take a photograph of your experiment?

Day 3


Colour in or draw a picture of a Gruffalo. Can you label the parts of the Gruffalo with the first sound? For example, l for leg, h for head and t for toe.



Save some plastic bottles and write the numerals 1-6 on them (draw dots if your children need help or 1-10 if they are confident with numerals). Roll a ball to knock over the pins. What numerals did they knock down? Can they record it on a sheet? Can you count the total? eg. 4+2=


Make a windsock

You will need:- an empty plastic milk bottle, crepe paper or tissue paper or ribbons (or a combination), a stapler, scissors.

  1. Remove the lid and cut the bottom off the milk bottle just below the handle.
  2. Cut your paper/ribbons into long strips.
  3. Staple a piece of paper or ribbon length on to the open end of the milk bottle.
  4. Work your way around the whole open end of the milk bottle until it is full of paper strips.
  5. Take it out into the wind and have fun!
Can you draw a picture or take a photograph of your windsock?

Day 4


Make puppets from the story “The Gruffalo.” Can you use the puppets to help you to act out the story? Take a photograph or video of your Gruffalo puppet show.


Hop Scotch

Draw a hop scotch 1-10. Can you hop or jump and count the steps? Now use a bean bag or small cuddly toy to throw onto the grid. What number did it land on, can you hop up to pick it up and count your jumps?


Magic Dancing Milk

You will need:- a shallow dish, full fat milk, food colouring, cotton buds and washing up liquid.

  1. Pour some milk into the dish.
  2. Add some drops of food colouring.
  3. Dab with a cotton bud that has been dipped in washing up liquid.
  4. Use a few different colours at the same time for maximum impact and try dabbing in different places.

Can you take a photograph of your experiment?

Day 5


Paint or draw a picture of the Gruffalo and describe it to an adult.


Five Currant Buns

Make 5 currant buns. You could draw these and cut them out or use play doh. Now sing the song the song each time taking one away. Use real money to help the children count and recognise a penny. Can you use different coins?


Why we use soap

This experiment can show how important soap is. Pretend the glitter is germs and watch what happens to them when the soap is added.

You will need:- milk, a shallow dish, fine glitter, toothpicks, soap.

  1. Place a few centimetres of milk in a shallow dish.
  2. Add a few splotches of fine glitter.
  3. Put soap on a toothpick.
  4. Place the soap in the middle of the glitter.

Day 6


Draw a map of the Gruffalo’s journey. Can you describe where he is going?



Look at the characters in The Gruffalo. Which one is the tallest? Which one is the shortest? Can you put them in order from tallest to smallest? You could try and use a ruler or building blocks to see how tall they actually are.


Healthy Eating

Can you think of some food that is healthy and unhealthy? Now design or make your own healthy lunch. You might need an adult to help with this. Can you take a picture and send it to your teacher?

Day 7


Make up a different ending to the story “The Gruffalo.” Draw, write, paint or act out your new ending.


Leaf Threading

Read the number and try and thread that many leaves on to a piece of string.



My Body

Draw around your body, take a picture or use an outline. Now try and name as many different types of body parts as you can. Try answering some question. Eg. What do you need to run? Think about all the parts, inside and outside the body.

Day 8


Ask a grown up to hide toys/puppets from the story around the house or garden. Search for them and tell the story as you find them.



Today can you try and make a repeating pattern. You could use paint, play doh or shapes. First make a pattern using 2 different items. Now try it with 3.


Keeping Fit

Set up your own obstacle course. Try and make sure you have space to run, jump and hop as well as climb over and under and obstacle. Can you time how fast you complete the course? Who is the fastest in your family?

Day 9


Build a cave or a den for the Gruffalo in your house or garden.



Can you make small shop? Don’t forget about your price tags and shopping lists. Price everything 10p or under. Choose 2 items from your shop and carefully count out the money your will need using 1p coins.



It’s very important to look after our planet. One way to do that is to recycle out waste. Can you collect some items and help to sort them into different piles - glass, paper, plastic, metal.

Day 10


Can you complete the Gruffalo’s thought bubble? What is he thinking? Write the letters you know in the thought bubble.


Five Little Speckle Frogs

Make yourself 5 little speckle frogs. When you sing the song take one frog away and say “one less than ___ is ___”



Can you make your own musical instrument? Use some of your recycled material from yesterday to make this. You could make a shaker, a drum, a guitar or any other instrument you can think of. Can you play it along to your favourite song?