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Year 3

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Create a Rainbow


Rainbows are often a sign of hope.

Please will you create a rainbow?

Be as creative as you like - draw, paint, collage or use even Purple Mash.

Send a picture to your teachers so we can add them to our rainbow display for everyone to see!

Year 3's Work (23.03.20 - 27.03.20)

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Monday 30th March 2020



LO: To describe position.

Adventures ahoy!

Play with a friend – your challenge is to give and follow directions to move around avoiding obstacles. Try to use these positional words: direction, movement, angle, turn, rotation, right-angle, half turn, quarter turn,  clockwise, anticlockwise, straight line, grid, forwards, backwards, right, left.


Challenge:  Complete the MyMaths activity ‘Position and turning’.



LO: To write a description of a character.

Thinking about the main characters in the Iron Man, can you think of your own character, they could be based on the Iron Man, Hogarth or the Dragon.



LO: To make a design solution.

 Over the last few weeks, we have investigated lots of moving books. We have learnt how to make book pages move. Your challenge is to design and make a moving book which retells to story of the Iron Man, which a child in Year 2 will enjoy reading.


Tuesday 31st March 2020



LO: To describe position with coordinates.

More adventures!

You are challenged to make a treasure map – like the ones we did in ICT. Remember to label the square with letters and numbers. Ask questions like what is in square D3? Where is the bucket?



LO: To write a story based on the Iron Man.

Let your imagination run free, use the story of the Iron Man to create your own story, you could change the characters, the setting or what happens.



LO: To make a design solution.

Finish making your book. Record your evaluation: think about what went well, what was tricky and surprised you had during your project. What advice would you give to someone about to make their own moving book?


Wednesday 1st April 2020



LO: To extend number sequences.

Practise counting in multiples of 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, and 11. How far can you count? Can you count backwards in regular steps? Can you count on from a given number in regular steps?



LO: To edit writing to improve text.

Polish your work, check you have written in full sentences, used exciting adjectives, adverbs, inverted commas and conjunctions.



LO: To understand how we develop and maintain healthy relationships.


What makes a good friend? Draw an outline of a person and fill it with words or pictures that describe them. Why do friends sometimes fall out? Is it ok to fall out? How can you be a better friend? Can you be a good friend!


Challenge: Complete the ‘Dear Mrs Jones – Friendship’ activity set of Purple Mash. Type up the advice you would give to the person having friendship issues.


Thursday 2nd April 2020



LO: To extend number sequences.

Be a quiz master. Your challenge is to set 10 questions where someone needs to complete the sequence of numbers – these can be on or back, counting in regular steps. Remember all good quizmasters know the solutions to the questions.



LO: To read with fluency and expression.

Practise reading your story, until you can read it with confidence, fluency and plenty of expression!



LO: To develop net and wall game skills.

Thinking about the skills you practiced a few weeks ago can you invent a game that will help you develop your target skills, this could be throwing at a target or hitting a ball into a target. Remember to play your game with someone and jot down the rules so you can share it with a friend.


Friday 3rd April 2020



LO: To + and – 1, 10, 100 from a given number.

You will need card (cereal box is perfect!) and a die. Using the card make 2 sets of digit cards 0 to 9. Shuffle the cards. Turn over 2 cards; this is your starting number.

Next roll the die –









+ 1

- 10

+ 10

- 100

+ 100


Write your starting number, what you did and the answer.



LO: To reflect on text, expressing opinions.

Your challenge is to write a book review about the Iron Man.  Remember to give the reader a little glimpse of what happens, and include what you liked and disliked.



LO: To understand the story of Easter.

Why is Easter an important time for Christians? Decorate an egg (this could be a drawing or by using the Easter egg activity set on Purple Mash; it doesn’t need to a be a real one) to retell the Easter story.

The Iron Man (e-book)

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