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Nursery Gallery

Wow! Look at the amazing things Rozheen has been doing. She has caught a fish, cared for the plants and made a yummy ladybird cake.

Tyler-Ray has been on lots of adventures. He has been to the singing ringing tree, seen lots of animals and has even noticed the letter T in the grass for his name! Super spotting Tyler-Ray

Brooke-Rose has had some exciting news at her house! Her cat has had kittens, They are adorable. Brooke- Rose has also been enjoying the beautiful sunshine and spending time in the garden.

I am so proud of Kurtis and all of his home learning!He has been writing his name, Been busy counting and making some wonderful things! You are a super star Kurtis!

Archie has been doing some amazing writing. I am so proud of his letters and the CVC words he has been doing. Archie has been keeping himself busy by riding his bike, baking cakes and making a super flag for his street party!

Jack has been super busy looking after the stick insects , He has been collecting food for them and watching how fast they are growing! Jack has also made some flags to celebrate VE Day with his family. What a fantastic flag!

Tyler-Ray has made a brilliant model using his 3d Shapes. Can you guess what he has made? He has also been using his imagination to play tea party's and completed some construction to make a massive glider.

Jack has enjoyed doing some arts and crafts at home using sparkly pipe cleaners. He has also been doing some fantastic writing of his name! Miss Worsley thinks Jack's J is super! Keep it up!

Wow! Mia has been very busy learning at home! She has been drawing rainbows for her window, practicing making words,building Dens , ordering toys in size order and found lots of things starting with the letter M.

Tyler-Ray has been doing some fantastic writing! He has also been busy looking after plants and "Saving" them with water. Thank you for sharing with us Tyler- Ray!

Wow! Look at the fantastic writing Seb and Tyler- Ray have been doing at home! I am super proud and loved seeing your smiling faces! Keep up the hard work.

Parminder has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine! She has also been practicing her cutting skills! It is fantastic to see you have been keeping busy! Well done Parminder!