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Year 6

If you need to contact Mr Broderick or Mr Sutcliffe please use:

A wonderful book about diversity

This is a great book which encourages children to notice and celebrate differences in people. If you decide to complete some activities (found at the back of the book), don't forget to email your pictures!

Reading Challenge

Compete this reading challenge and be a reading hero.

The Blackpool Tower

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As part of our Studies in the Summer Term, we were going to have a look at Blackpool and no trip to Blackpool is complete without a trip to the Tower. Why don’t you create a presentation like this (I used Keynote on my iPad) and send it me so I can put it on the website.

Albert and the Lion (a Keynote presentation by Mr Sutcliffe)

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Here is funny poem about a boy who takes a trip to Blackpool. Can you spot the moral in this ‘tale’?

My Lockdown Experiences by Mr Broderick

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Mr Sutcliffe's 'Verbs in Lockdown'

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A Message from Captain Tom Moore

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A poem about the NHS

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Missing P.E.? Click on the link below and have a go at one of Miss Roxby's challenges.

Painted Pebble Path

Paint a pebble and add it to the colourful path

Create a Rainbow


Rainbows are often a symbol of hope.

Please will you create a rainbow?

Be as creative as you like - draw, paint, collage or even use Purple Mash.

Send a picture of it to your teacher so we can add it to our rainbow display for everyone to see!

TA Challenge

Mrs Smits' Challenge

Soon you will be starting a new part of your life at high school, which is so exciting and you will all love it. To get you in the mood, I've created a word search containing some of the thing you'll need, do, meet and enjoy. Good luck. Download the sheet underneath the picture and get going.

                                                   Mrs Bennett's Challenge

For my challenge this week, I would like you to create a maze. Look at the images below for some inspiration. The more items you add, the more difficult your maze becomes. You could use cut up section of straws or small pieces of card or paper to create the maze. For the ball, you could use a dried pea if you haven't got anything else. When you have completed your maze, take a photo and send it to your teacher good luck!

Mrs Meek's Challenge

              Tasks for w.c. 6th July

Hello everyone! We hope you and your family are well. Remember, you can contact us via the Year Six e-mail if you have any questions. We would love to see the things you have been doing, send us a picture and we’ll put it on the website. Have fun doing this week’s tasks.


Vindictive Villains

Delve into the wicked world of villains – discovering all things dark and devious through a combination of film clips and reading.


Monday 13th July


LO: To identify a percentage of a whole.


We will begin by consolidating our understanding of percentages before applying this to a range of problems including calculating percentages of amounts and comparison of percentages, including percentage decrease. We will then develop our understanding of statistics, learning about the mean as an average and calculate the mean in different contexts, interpret and draw line graphs and learn how to interpret pie charts and compare data presented in more than one pie chart. In today’s lesson, we will explore percentages and identify a percentage of the whole.



LO: To compare and contrast the description of a key character.


This week explores villains from popular children’s literature and film.

Use a dictionary or to explore the word ‘villain’ and write your own definition for it.

Now read the paragraph which first describes Cruella de Vil, from the book One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith here:

 (to access the paragraph, click ‘READ A SAMPLE’ below the image and scroll across 3 double pages – until you reach the page with the illustration of people and two Dalmatian dogs. On the right hand side you will see the paragraph which opens: ‘At that moment the peace was shattered …’ and ends: ‘—rather unusual’)

After you have read the paragraph once, read it again. This time, as you are reading, draw a quick sketch of Cruella based on how she is described (not what you think / have seen in a film).

Once you have drawn your picture of Cruella, label her with words and phrases from the text.

Now watch and enjoy this scene of Cruella from the1996 film, 101 Dalmatians (rating U).

After you have watched once, view again, this time comparing Cruella’s appearance to the description from the book.

You may wish to write down your comparisons in a table, such as the one below:


                         Similarities to the text                                           Differences to the text



Based on what you have read and watched, which media, text or film, do you think was most successful at introducing Cruella as a villain? (Give reasons for your answer.) This could be completed orally and in writing.



LO: To respond to a key moment in history.


In today's lesson, we will be building on the wonderful work that has taken place on Black Lives Matter by using the ultimate tragedy of George Floyd’s death to drive change nationally. As Deputy PM, you will lead this via contributing to a ‘Fund it’ page, create a billboard and a slogan to raise awareness of the issue of bias.



Tuesday 14th July


LO: To order fractions, decimals and percentage.


In today’s lesson, we will investigate equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages and then put them in increasing or decreasing order.



LO: To use text description to create a poem.


Roald Dahl was famous for creating wickedly imaginative villains. Read, watch and enjoy two of his most famous below:

Miss Trunchbull - Matilda

Miss Trunchbull is first introduced in two separate places in the book:

Page 63-64, paragraph opening ‘Miss Trunchbull …’ to the end of same paragraph ‘…first day in Miss Honey’s Class’

AND Page 78-79, paragraph opening ‘She was above all a most formidable …’ to the end of same paragraph ‘… nice school for children.’ Read both extracts here – jotting down any words and phrases Roald Dahl uses which you think are particularly good/effective:

ROALD DAHL – Matilda The Reader of Books downloadable as a PDF from:

Now watch this scene from the 1996 film Matilda (rating PG) and jot down any additional words or phrases to describe Miss Trunchbull:

YouTube: Matilda (1996) Pigtail Hammer Throw Scene (3/10) | Movieclips:

Grand High Witch – The Witches

Read the description of the Grand High Witch from the middle of page 25, chapter opening Frizzled like a Fritter to end of page 26 ‘…It was unnatural.’ here:

Now watch this scene from the 1990 film, The Witches. (Note: Although this film has a PG rating, some children may find this clip frightening. If parents choose not to use this clip, move to the poem activity below).

YouTube: The Witches (4/10) Movie CLIP – Maximum Results!

Jot down any words or phrases to describe The Grand High Witch.

Based on the words and phrases you have collected for both characters, create a list poem (a poem which is written as a list of items) entitled ‘Villains.’

An example opening of a list poem based on these two texts can be found below:


Pickled in vinegar,

Foul, putrid, decayed,

Fierce tyrannical monster.

Arrogant eyes,

Cruel mouth,




LO: To understand how to deal with tragedy


In today's lesson, some very sad news will be shared as part of a topic that will need the support of a parent or carer. We will use the event to then look at how to cope with such sad news.


Wednesday 15th July


LO: To find a percentage of an amount.


In today’s lesson, we will be learning to find a percentage of an amount, including using efficient strategies and looking at the link between percentages and fractions.



LO: To use text description to create a set of top trump cards.


Explore the worst Disney villains of all time by watching and reading these countdowns:

YouTube: Top 10 Animated Disney Villains: The Top 10 Disney Villains of All Time:

After exploring both countdowns, write down if you agree with the top ten. Are there any other Disney villains the chart has missed out?

Now choose your favourite Disney villains and create a set of Top Trump cards for them.

Examples of what a completed Disney Villain Top Trump card may look like can be found here:

Maleficent – - Disney Villain cards:

Scar – - Disney Villain cards:

An explanation of how to create a set of Top Trump cards can also be found here:

YouTube: LPDS TV Episode 6 (0:00-3:45mins):



LO: To explore changes in population over time.


In this lesson, we will be starting a new topic all about population! We will consider how many people there are on the planet, how this has changed, and where populations are distributed.


Thursday 16th July


LO: To calculate the mean.


In today’s lesson, we will explore averages before creating a formula for calculating the mean. We will then move on to find missing values using the mean.



LO: To create an illustration based on text description.


Using all you have read and watched this week, design and create your very own villain – drawing a picture of them, labelling the picture with key features and characteristics and writing a short descriptive paragraph.

When creating your villain, consider these points:

• Think carefully about the name of your villain – look at how other authors name their villains: Cruella de Vil has cruel devil within it, Maleficent is an adjective which means ‘do harm’, Voldemort – mort is Latin for death etc.

• Use words and phrases you have read throughout the week to describe your villain. Look for synonyms of these words and phrases too.

• What do they do that makes them so villainous?

• Think about how your villain speaks: Do they have an accent – like the Grand High Witch? Do they speak formally like Cruella de Vil?


Once you have drawn and labelled your villain, write a descriptive paragraph which would be suitable if introducing this character in a story book.

To help you write this, you may wish to choose your favourite villain description you have read this week, such as ‘The Grand High Witch’ description in The Witches and adapt it to describe your own villain. Make sure you read through your description, checking your spelling and punctuation.

You may even wish to read it aloud to a family member, class mate or teacher and ask them to do a quick sketch of your villain (as you did for Cruella de Vil). Get them to reveal their picture and see if it looks similar to your drawing. If it doesn’t, explore why this is – is your description clear enough? Do you need to add more detail?



LO: To explore changes in population over time.


In this lesson, we will examine how population has changed over time, how birth rates and death rates affect populaton, and how the population of the UK has changed.


Friday 17th July


LO: To interpret line graphs.


In today’s lesson, we will explore discrete and cumulative data and interpret different types of line graphs.



LO: To respond to character description.


When villains are depicted in films, music plays a key part in developing their character.

Watch, listen and enjoy these villainous songs:

You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch - Dr Seuss:

Epic Disney Villains Medley – Peter Hollens feat. Whitney Avalon:

Imagine the villain you created yesterday is going to take the star role in a new Disney film. Taking these songs as inspiration, write and create your own villainous song which would appear in the film

when your character is introduced.

To create your song, first write your chorus and verses based on the characteristics of your villain.

To support you, you may wish to use ‘You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch’ as the basis for your song and change the lyrics to reflect your villain.

The lyrics to the song can be found here: You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch lyrics:

An example of how you might change the lyrics could be:

You’re a sly one, ‘name of villain’

You really are a snake,

You’re as sour as a lemon,

You’re as putrid as they come,

‘name of villain’

Alternatively, if you are feeling really creative, you may create your own song from scratch.

Once you have created your song, perform it to a family member or teacher.

You may even wish to film a music video to accompany your song!



LO: To interpret graphs related to population.


In this lesson we will be exploring a new type of graph called a population pyramid. These special graphs help us to see what the breakdown of a population is in terms of gender and age.


Extension activities:



If you enjoyed this week, why not try some of these additional activities linked with the films you have watched?

• Enjoy some of Disney’s best villain songs in their entirety – you could even sing along:

- The Little Mermaid | Poor Unfortunate Souls | Disney Sing-Along:


- The Lion King: Be Prepared | Sing-A-Long| Disney:


- A Pirate’s Life & The Elegant Captain Hook – Peter Pan (1953):


- 101 Dalmatians | Cruella De Vil | Disney Sing-Along:


• ‘All villains are bad to the core’: Do you agree with this statement? Write a persuasive argument with your opinion – giving reasons for each point you raise.



There are a number of My Maths activities available if you would like to complete them.

It's time to improve your table knowledge on Times Table Rockstars. Improve your score and amaze your friends. You could even challenge an adult. I bet you could beat them. 




F/LO: To complete a French craft activity


France is famous for its beautiful castles. Have a go at making your own French castle by following the instructions on the link below.






French with

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Interactive Maths Activities

Interactive English Activities