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2C’s trip to Fleetwood

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2W’s trip to Fleetwood

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Yr2 trip to St Matthew’s church

2W’s visit to Coal Clough Library

In maths this week, we made pizza. We planned our own pizza and carefully calculated the fraction of each ingredient we used. They tasted delicious!

2C had a brilliant time with our parents and grandparents who came for lunch.

2C have been rehearsing and performing poetry this week.

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We have been focusing on the poem Queen Nefertiti in guided reading this week. Today we added actions, rehearsed and performed our poem.

Year 1 have been tasting different fruit for ideas to make their own fruit kebabs in a few weeks!

Year 1 science

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This afternoon 1F have been extremely busy. The children have all started our new topic by planting different seeds. They can’t wait to see what grows! The children have also made their own bird feeders. They had to carefully weigh out the ingredients and follow the instruction. It was quite a messy activity so they all hope the birds like them!
1CJ had fun making bird feeders and planting beans too.
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Thomas and Zach from 2W have been really busy over the holidays researching the Titanic.  Zach brought in a wonderful book and shared a number of fantastic facts about the Titanic whilst Thomas produced this incrediable model - it was enormous!  We can't wait to see what these future engineers come up with next.
In Year 2, our topic this half term is ‘The Farm Shop’. To begin our topic we explored our school garden with Mrs Perrin, our school gardener. We learnt all about the different fruits, vegetables and plants which we grow here. We also looked in our greenhouse at the seeds that have been planted which will soon be moved into the flower beds. In the shed we saw all the different tools which gardeners use. We are going to plant our own onion bulbs and over the next few weeks we are going to keep visiting the garden to check on the growth of our bulbs and the other bulbs and seeds which Mrs Perrin has planted.

In maths today, 2C headed up to the KS2 yard to measure the lengths of different lines and equipment.

2w’s Trip to Ribble Valley Sculpture Park

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We were real life explorers today following a map and using clues to navigate our way around Ribble Valley Sculpture Park. We had a fantastic, and rather muddy, time!

2C’s trip to Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail

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Today we became real life explorers! We followed our map and used our clues to discover the different sculptures, finding lots of information about the. Did you know that the deer sculpture is made of steel and is from Japan?

Homework Hero

Homework Hero 1
Our 2W homework hero this week is Thomas. He has enjoyed designing and making his own vehicle in DT so much this term that he decided to make a second one at home. We think it’s fantastic. A future car designer!

Our visit to Healey Lodge

Some of our Year 2 children visited Healey Lodge to read with the residents there.  We had a wonderful afternoon!  The children and residents really enjoyed our books and we can't wait to go back.

Year 2 boarded a rocket and blasted off to the Moon.

This week, we visited Simon Bartram's Bob on the moon!  We found his hoover, souvenir stand, spotted him doing somersaults and looked at all of the models he uses to teach toursist about the moon.  We even found a few cheeky aliens lurking in a deep, dark crater! 

We explored the Star Dome, spotting differnent constellations in the night sky.

The StarDome came into school this week.  It was fantastic!  We learnt all about the different constellations in the night's sky and found out facts about the first man on the moon- Neil Armstrong.

Year 2 had fun playing in the snow!

We made the most of the snow in the playground. We got wrapped up, put our wellies on and made snowballs, snowmen and snow angels. We had so much fun! 

2C received mail!

2C received mail!  1
We were all very excited in 2C to receive replies to our letters which we sent to the school we have made links with in Turkey. We all received a personal letter each from one of the children in the Turkish class. 

Year 2 had a visitor!

At the beginning of December, Father Christmas visited Year 2 during the night and left each class a sack with a little note. On the note it said that there were books in the sack and we were to open one each day. We have enjoyed opening a book each day for our book advent and have been sharing some of the books we enjoyed with our friends and family.

2C's letters to the children in Turkey.

2C's letters to the children in Turkey.  1
2C's letters to the children in Turkey.  2
In 2C we have linked up with a school in Turkey and have enjoyed writing letters to them for the New Year. We are looking forward to receiving our letters from them when we come back to  school.

We love reading in 2C and enjoyed having a special visitor come into our class to read to us!

We love reading in 2C and enjoyed having a special visitor come into our class to read to us!  1

As part of World War 1 week, we had a nurse from WW1 visit us. We learnt lots of interesting facts.

2C's visit from the Fire Brigade

In 2C we tasted lots of different fruits and vegetables to begin our topic 'Fighting Fit'.

In 2C we tasted lots of different fruits and vegetables to begin our topic 'Fighting Fit'.  1 We liked the pomegranate because it was sweet.

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